How Positive Thinking Boosts Your Health

Recent years have brought about plenty of philosophical discussions relating to the power of mind to influence or even control the way we live our lives. In fact, it is claimed that the attitude we adopt, whether positive or negative, can and will have the same impact on the entire life of an individual – the health, productivity at work, commitment to family and partner. Many studies even suggest that a positive/negative attitude towards life will largely determine whether a person will be able to cope with a particular illness/disease and in what way and time frame. 

How Positive Thinking Boosts Your Health

 You are probably familiar with the “Secret” – a book and a short documentary – explaining the principle on which the Universe functions and how it is related to our lives. While the whole concept may sound a bit naïve, the truth behind it is pretty plausible.

 All things considered, it is evident that we are surrounded by matter which is in constant motion, contributing to life always being active and prone to constant and repeated change. The matter is intertwined with energy and energy is in direct relation to the Universe. As we, ourselves, are emitting energy, this energy is in fact the power we carry within, that is – the power of our thinking which, simply, can be positive or negative.

 The type of emotion and energy we emit is directly sent out into the Universe which “sucks in” that energy and takes action with the same kind of energetic response. To be clearer, if you are thinking “I wish I DON’T get called into the meeting with my superiors”, you are sending out the negative emotion of fear and reluctance, resulting in you (probably) being called in to talk to the superiors. If, however, you adopt the attitude stating “I will be safe in this conversation” or “I will be called in to discuss my good work”, you are sending out a positive emotion of self-assurance, comfort and strength. The Universe is picking it up and things are automatically going smoothly for you.

How Positive Thinking Boosts Your Health

Naturally, living a life that’s always positive-oriented isn’t easy and it takes a lot of time and training to get yourself in that mental state of mind where you are comfortable with failures and know how to turn them into positive things.

 Peace of mind is a true blessing, and there are steps that should be followed in order to adopt this attitude. We’ll explore some of the most crucial steps that will help you on this journey:

Tell yourself you can change

 …because change is good.  And, yes, you can change. While we are born with a particular personality, the way we act isn’t set in stone. The road to re-educating ourselves in order for us to become happier, healthier and more positive is tough but reachable – all you need is willpower, and you have it!

Talk to the right people for support

 Talking to the right people for support, such as life coaches and psychologists is nothing to be scared of. These people are professionals who are trained to listen and advise, or even better – help you, alone, find the solution to your problem or state of mind by observing all the factors that contributed to your feeling bad.

 Some experts believe that talking to your own sister or best friend can sometimes bring more trouble than help. The reason is that constantly talking to people who share our opinions is practically spinning in circles as we don’t get to see another perspective. This, consequently, delays the solution. This is why, in order to find a solution to the problem but also form a positive attitude we sometimes need a little extra incentive, which can be in the form of talks with specialists or staying in the health and wellness retreats whenever you feel you need a break.

Go someplace to refuel and re-energize

 We tend to stick to things we believe are exactly what we want, just because we are used to them. The habit can sometimes be even dangerous, as it sets you in certain ways and you forget what it is that you actually want.

How Positive Thinking Boosts Your Health

Moving away from things you are used to having around/doing is a wonderful way to see outside yourself and re-examine your priorities. Take a vacation to a destination you’ve never seen before, rent a cabin/hotel room for a few days in winter even though you prefer summer holidays, change your haircut. In a word – challenge your comfort zone!

All points we’ve mentioned above will help you do one big thing – learn to identify and distinguish both the positive and the negative feelings, emotions, things and people around you and will, eventually, help you build a new world for yourself – one where happiness and peace of mind is the ultimate goal.

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