How Much Should Be Paid For Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting is a type of webhosting that is administered by a service provider. The company will lease you the use of it server and also take the charge of the administration, security and maintenance of your website(s) that you want to host with them. So, if you want to make any changes or update anything on the website, you have to inform the support team about the matter and they will handle the issue for you. If you are interested in taking this kind of service, then it’s going to cost you from somewhere near about $30 to a few thousand dollars a month, depending upon your requirements and the kind of hosting you choose, as there are a number of options such as VPS, cloud or dedicate server available these days.

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I would also like to mention some of the top features that are available with most managed hosting plans

You will be offered all the basic features in the managed hosting that are also available with an unmanaged hosting plan. But, there are some added features that are exclusive to the managed hosting.

  • Easy upgradation and installation of various open-source apps like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.

  • Data migration

  • Installation of SSL certificates

  • Basic debugging of script

  • Automated backup for your website

  • Setup of web tools and hosted applications for the website

  • HTML updates for your website, which include replacement of logo, changing of contact info, image changes and more

  • Management of compact databases

  • Email archiving and Log checking

  • Toll-free support via phone

Managed webhosting is further divided into partial and fully managed service. So, what is the difference between the two services?

Well, if you are familiar with the term ‘unlimited’, then you will find the fully managed service relative to it. Witha fully managed hosting plan, you will get everything done from the service provider. There is nothing for you to do, except for just focussing on your business. The satisfaction level is based on the perception of the user. If you are happy with the kind of services you received in a fully managed hosting plan, then you will continue receiving it. Some people wish for more, so they don’t seem to be satisfied with the current services of the service provider.

In the managed hosting service, the more you invest into the service, the better customer service you can expect to receive. Technical support has a major role to play in the managed webhosting plan, since everything is done by them, so you have to make sure that both the parties remain on the same page. You will have to deal with all the technical aspects such as server upkeep and software upgrades. There are cheaper plans, a.k.a., partial managed plan in which you have to take care of the administrative functions allotted to you. It is not sure whether you know about those functions or not, but you have to manage them.

The reason behind choosing managed hosting

It is important for you to know that large companies can easily afford to have one or more webmaster, who can monitor and maintain the website as well as the server. Moreover, bigger companies also have separate teams set up for these kinds of jobs. But, for small and medium firms, hiring a person just for the maintenance and monitoring task could prove to be a costly venture. Therefore, managed webhosting is the best option available to them, as it allows them to outsource the administrative tasks to the expert service providers instead of having in-house webmasters.

How much a managed webhosting service cost?

Basically, managed hosting is an add-on service, so you have to first determine the amount of the regular hosting plan and then, add the management fee. This will give you the actual cost of the managed hosting plan. You will have to pay around $29 per month. At this price, the duration of administration service would be around one hour. Here are some details of the service and the price associated with it.

  • Additional technical support time will cost you around $50 to $75 an hour. Therefore, if you require more, then you have to pay a higher amount for it.

  • Some companies havefixed rates for their services, which is around $230 to $400 a month. This can go up according to the demands of the user.

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