How Much Exercise Is The Minimum You Should Do?

One of the most common questions people just starting an exercise plan to lose weight does is: how long will I have to spend a day?. Health authorities are increasingly insisting more strongly in the importance of engaging in moderate physical exercise frequently. Not only because it helps combat obesity, but also because it is good for health as a whole. And it is something that many of us do not take seriously.

For some people exercise it is natural, while for others it is a feat that requires physical and mental effort. So when we have to start moving, the question arises how much exercise we do is the least we must do to be “active”?

How Much Exercise Is The Minimum You Should Do?

Some recommendations say do at least 150 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes) of moderate aerobic activity a week. This can be a weekly walk. If it’s a high-impact exercise like running, the recommendation is 1 hour and 15 minutes weekly with 2 or more days of muscular endurance.

You do not have to perform these activities in a day. In fact it is recommended to achieve those minutes doing several sets of exercises (divide all those walks in four minutes, for example) to not feel they have to fill the quota total exercise in one session.

And while it is not as big goal for people attending certain kinds of exercise, jog or just are active, for others who begin exercise even if with a small hike already is progress. And divide it into small walks makes this act will not seem so daunting and overwhelming.

Here are some ideas of activities that you can start to do to get to grips taste movement and exercise.


Dancing to a song every night in your living room. (single or accompanied!)


Walking for five minutes, several times a day.

Enjoy your Child Practices

Walk a few laps around the football field during practice for your child.

Take the Stairs

Divide by stairs and elevator when you have to get on a high floor.

Take your Pet for a Walk

A few laps more to the family pet (she will also thank you).

Soon you will notice that this is not only simple, but it is not enough. Your body will adapt to the routine faster than you think and although it may seem unreal now exercises, your own body will ask more.

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