Housecleaning Tips To Ease Allergies

Allergies are on the rise worldwide and are becoming one of the biggest problems of modern medicine. More and more people are suffering from respiratory problems, rashes or even life-threatening conditions associated with the wide range of allergens. Allergy is caused by extremely small particles which trigger massive release of specific chemicals in your body when they get there. The body has natural defense system protecting it from dangerous organisms from the outside world. This system is called the immune system and it’s composed of billions cells spread throughout the organism searching for and fighting dangerous microorganisms. This is what protects the body from disease. The problem is the cells of the immune system communicate between themselves using special substances they release when the body is under attack.

Housecleaning Tips To Ease Allergies

Normally those substances are released only when the body is fighting dangerous parasites and they help it to prepare a better response against the invader. But some substances like dust, pollen, cat hairs and many others can trigger the cells of the immune system to release those chemicals with no apparent reason. They are called allergents. In this case the body is not under attack and the release of those chemicals isn’t helping it. Just the opposite – they can cause some very serious damage-especially in the respiratory and cardio-vascular systems where they can lead to life-threatening coma. This is called anaphylactic shock and can be caused by something as simple as pollen dust or cat hair. That is why if you have allergies or any member of your household has problems with some substances in your home you should take it seriously. Don’t think the problem isn’t serious or it will just pass with time. Actually, it’s just the opposite. The more time passes with no proper measures the more serious the condition get and in the end you may even need medical attention!

In order to protect yourself or the members of your household with serious medical problems you should pay special attention to your house cleaning and hygiene. You should come to know what are the agents causing your allergy problems and understand how to limit their impact. If you have problems with outside allergens you should take special care for your doors and windows and try to prevent as much as possible allergens entering your home. This means putting special nets over your windows and cleaning the entry areas regularly. You should pay special attention to your windows and ventilation in order to limit the entry of air flow as much as possible and clean those as good as you can. It’s not the fresh air itself that causes the allergy but rather the particles included in it. That is why you should make everything possible to limit the speed of the air flow and allow it to deposit its contents in specially prepared places.

That means covering your windows with nets and leaving enough room in your lobby for you and your visitors to remove their shoes and overcoats. That way you will have clearly assigned areas of contact with the outside world to allow to clean and to collect the allergens from the outside world. It may even save your life someday! It will also be helpful to use your air-conditioning often, too. The air-conditioner filters the air and can save you a lot of trouble. If the problem however is allergens internal to your house and you know the source – like cat or dog hairs or dust mites you should make thorough house cleans regularly. Try keeping the source outside of your living area and limit its effects only to certain areas where the allergen is impossible to remove. Clean them often and wash well any textiles that come in contact with them. For more cleaning tips contact the team of carpet and upholstery cleaners Canary Wharf.

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