Holiday Decor With Kids: Tips To Stay Festive Without Broken Decorations

The holidays are all about bringing family together for different traditions. Decorating your home is just one aspect of the season, but it can be difficult with young children. Here are tips to stay festive without broken decorations:

Out of Reach

Decorate fireplace mantles, dining tables, high countertops and other higher surfaces with your beautiful glass and breakable decorations. It is so much easier not to tempt the children with fragile things at all than it is to keep constant vigil on decorations. Hang wreaths and lighting on the door and the walls, out of reach of those inquisitive little fingers. Kids love sparkly bright things. On the Christmas tree, place the most valuable and breakable ornaments out of reach and save the handmade and unbreakable ornaments for the bottom of the tree. Make sure crèches and figurines are up high. There are lots of beautiful unbreakable decorations and centerpieces for the coffee tables and end tables. If you have decorations that are heirloom or have a story, take them down and tell your children about where they came from and how they came to be yours.

Holiday Decor With Kids: Tips To Stay Festive Without Broken Decorations

Have a Children’s Tree

Let your children have a small Christmas tree just for them. Children love to make decorations. Craft ideas for ornaments are everywhere during the holidays. Make a paper chain for garland, cut out snowflakes and make bows. The dollar stores sell fabric and plastic ornaments that will not break. Make a jingle bell garland out of bells and thin ribbon. You can also make a garland with cranberry and popcorn. Kids will have a blast making decorations and will love having their very own tree. Add on to the craftiness by letting the kids make ornaments for family members on their gift list.

In Reach

Try decorating with stuffed snowmen as the theme for the home. That way the kids can play with and enjoy all of the decorations. On the lower half of the room decorate with pillows and things make of plastic or fabric. Poinsettia’s make a beautiful decoration on the floor in front of the fireplace. The bottom half of the room belongs to kids. By keeping safe decorations low, the children get to touch them and play with them to experience the joy of the holidays. You get to stop fretting over broken ornaments and decorations.

Kid-Friendly Décor

Instead of fretting over broken heirlooms or expensive holiday décor, opt for kid-friendly decorations instead. This can be an inexpensive way to get festive too. By using online coupons from for places like Kohl’s, you can save money on holiday décor that is kid-friendly. Things like pillows, wreaths, tablecloths and towels can make a big difference in your home, and you don’t have to worry about them getting ruined.

Make the holidays a fun time for everyone by keeping keepsakes out of the reach of little ones. Allow children to experience the wonder of the holidays by making and giving the unbreakable decorations of their own.

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