Here Comes The CMS 1500

Puzzled by the new CMS 1500 claim form? Relax. Take time to read the form itself and even read about it for you to be familiar with how to go about filling out the form.

It is understandable that the newly released form may be new to people, and if you are a first time user, you might as well be confused with it.

Here Comes The CMS 1500

Parts of the Form

The CMS 1500 claim form contains boxes and parts that need to be filled out in order for processing your claims. These parts may include the following: demographics of the patient, insurance identifying information, procedures and diagnoses, healthcare provider’s information and charges.

The top half of the form identifies the patient, insurance subscriber and the insurance policy. Taking note of the specifics on the form is very important so that no mistake will be made in filling it out as the claim you will received will rely on how well you also filled out the form.

Guide in Filling Out a CMS 1500 Form

The form is readily available online and one can also access different tutorials on how to fill it up. If you would want a hard copy, there is an instruction manual for the CMS 1500 for sale. It is a forty page step by step manual that would help the average person avoid the different mistakes that may cause claims to be denied. The guidebook is not a complicated read, but it is simple and understandable and would definitely give you answers to all your questions. With the help of the guide as well, one will learn what each box in the form means, and how these information you input in the form is used in processing your claims. There is also a guide posted at the Medicare website that everyone can access.

Processing the Filled Out Form

After filling out the form, you are supposed to send the filled out form to the insurance company listed on top of the page. But before sending out the filled form, check and review everything to make sure none is left blank. If the claim is more than one page, all pages must be sent at the same time. The insurance company the reviews the form you sent. They will also determine the patient’s benefits, and then proceed to paying the negotiated rates per their agreement with the healthcare provider.

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