Health Benefits And Home Remedies Of Cloves

Clove is an herb used as a spice for cooking, clove is a natural substance, The ancient Indians used cloves in various ailments such as toothache, headache, reduce stomach gas, skin problems but also to the respiratory tract, such as asthma or cough. How we can eat? In soups, in tea, in coffee, hot sauces and even rice.

Clove is an excellent source of manganese, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, calcium, magnesium. Cloves contain high amounts of eugenol. Experts says  that can help prevent digestive tract cancers, lung cancer and inflammation of joints. Cloves can reduce the concentration of sugars in the blood so it is a particular food, Here are some health benefits of cloves.


Using cloves to treat toothache is one of the most common home remedies. Clove oil should only be used for temporary relief, Also, if you have a large cavity or gum bleeding, So you need to use essential clove oil, and disinfect the place very well and you can prevent infections due to the antiseptic properties. Clove oil provides the greatest benefit for toothaches. And also that stabilizes blood sugar levels and lowers bad cholesterol. According to the researchers at the University of California, explaining that this spice contains eugenol, a powerful natural anesthetic.

Health Benefits And Home Remedies Of Cloves

For Immune System

Clove that helps to boost the immune system by increasing the white blood cell in your body.

Colds And Flu

To treat colds and flu, prepare a mixture of 2 tablespoons of honey, the juice of a lemon and 2-3 crushed cloves and take it 3 times a day. Note, however, this mixture is quite irritating.

Bout Of Cough

It is important to treat in case of diseases such as tuberculosis, asthma or bronchitis, mix a few drops of essential oil of cloves with honey, Better to drink before bedtime.


Ancient Indians say Sucking two cloves without masticating them to treat your heartburn and acidity decrease. Clove oil  with a teaspoon of sugar is a real gastric dressing. And it also a better idea for those trying to quit smoking.

Nausea And Vomiting

In cases of nausea or vomiting, grind some cloves and mix them with honey. Take a little of this mixture and you’ll feel better. Moreover, it is recommended to pregnant women  a tea cup of water with 1 clove that this helps reduce feelings of nausea. Cloves help to treat dental pain, reduce nausea and vomiting.

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