Guide To Finding The Right Wood Dining Tables For Your Kitchen

If your kitchen serves as the heart of your home, then, it is the dining room that offers a hearty welcome to the people you love. Today, you can find a lot of materials and styles to choose from when looking for a dining table.

With these furniture pieces being heavy used items, it is a must that you go for something that can serve you properly and will not end up broken in just a span of one year or two.

Guide To Finding The Right Wood Dining Tables For Your Kitchen

Solid wood dining tables with good finish on them can serve you through the knocks and bumps of your busy everyday family life and serve as a wonderful heirloom in the many years to come.

For this reason, the table must be well built, durable and boasts of a high quality finish. This must also fit within the kitchen space and the overall décor of your home. Selecting the perfect table can be very simply only when you know some secrets in buying one:

Consider the Dining Room’s Size

The number one rule of thumb when shopping for a dining table is to allow about 36 inches or more between the nearest wall and the edge of the table for an easier flow around the table.

It is always great to have sufficient space for the chairs to be pulled out and for the people to walk behind the chairs with no need to squeeze tightly between the walls.

Shape of the Dining Area Also Matters

Round and square wood dining tables can make dining even more intimate. They can sit the members of your family and your guests more cozily and can also be great space savers in small dining rooms. If you have plans to organize a bigger gathering, oval and rectangular tables are the perfect solution.

Tables with this kind of tops can sit big and small numbers with equal comfort. These are perfect for casual dining and can also look formal enough for entertaining official guests.

Consider the Sitting Habits

There should be a width of 26 inches between every person for the best level of comfort and service when shopping for wood dining tables. If you would like to stretch out your legs when sitting, you will need a table with open leg structure.

Don’t Forget the Number of People to Sit at the Table

If you like to invite a large number of family members and friends over dinner, you can think of adding a few leaves to the table. These leaves can be stored inside the table itself or in a designated cabinet. It is always best that you store the leaves near the table, in a similar environment and humidity because of wood’s changing nature.

Unique and solid wood dining tables that can match your taste, lifestyle and space can upgrade the dining room to a whole new level of interior design and come up with the kind of atmosphere that you want to produce for the people close to your heart. Consider these tips to find the best solid wood dining tables.

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