Going Green Tips For Apartment Living

There are ways to make changes and live green in your apartment, even though it technically doesn’t belong to you. “Going green” does not necessarily have to include an addition of permanent installations to your building. Changing lifestyle instead of a structure can still affect the environment positively.

You can avoid adding to the problem with plastic water bottles by installing a water filter. Using stainless steel bottles when you are on the move also helps. If your faucet is older and can’t accept a new modern filter you should try with a filter pitcher. It gives the same results.

Devices that are plugged in continue draining power even if they’re turned off. If you unplug coffee makers, cell phone charges and other appliances that you use only for a part of the day you will save a portion of the electric bill. This could result in savings 40% and make a significant reduction on the electricity usage.

Going Green Tips For Apartment Living

Turn your thermostat down during the winter and back up in the summer. If you lower your room temperature even by 2 degrees it can save you a nice bonus in your utility bill. Wearing a sweater when it’s cold won’t cost you a thing, but it can also help you save money.

Going green doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding modern appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. You just shouldn’t use them carelessly. Simply wait until you have a full load for the machine before you turn it on. You don’t need to do the dishes every day if there are only a few of them. You should wait a few days until the machine is full and then run it as usual. If you switch your washing machine to cold-water washing you can save up to 80 per cent on laundry energy.

You shouldn’t think you won’t make a difference if you start recycling. It’s important. Use less when it’s possible. If you recycle 1 aluminum can it saves energy with the amount required to run a TV for 3 hours.

Computers, cell phones, monitors and other electronics often include materials which shouldn’t be in landfills. Many retailers and companies will be glad to take your gadgets and recycle them.

Use environmentally safe, non toxic cleaning products. You can find them at any grocery or even mainstream stores. Read labels carefully.

Try to buy a high-efficiency car if you can. One or two days a week you should try other ways to go to work, rather than driving your car. You can ride your bike, take the bus, train or even walk. This will help cutting down oil consumption, air pollution, gas emissions and the costs of maintaining your vehicle. Find more renovation ideas on: http://bestoutofwaste.org/

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