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Giampaolo Lo Conte Talks About Gentium Pro Pace, The Title Of The Vatican Academy

We got to meet Giampaolo Lo Conte, economist, international investor, and diplomatic individual in the world of finance. He talked about his relationship with the world of diplomacy, “a world that fascinates, because it does not stop at the title, but also looks at the stories that a person has to tell.”

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Stories, he has a lot, and also titles: for example, he was recently appointed Commander of Justice from OBSS (acronym for Ordo Sancti Byzantinus Sepulchri – Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre, the Sovereign, Dynastic, Military and Knightly Order founded by the Emperor Constantine). It goes back further in time (1997), however, his designation as “Academicum et in Classem Tibi Legitimam” by the “Gentium Pro Pace”, Vatican academy that stands out among the excellence of its State. “It was the Christmas concert’s evening at the Vatican – tells Giampaolo Lo Conte, “I was there because I was among the distinguished awarded individuals with the esteemed recognition Gentium Pro Pace. There were many people, a sort of gala, which took place during an exciting event. ”

The Count had already been summoned by other Vatican Academies, years ago, for some of its important research activities in the field of literature. “With me, that night, there were so many other people, doctors, professors, deans and heads major companies and associations. The delivery of the certificate (whose symbol is read Opus Iustitiae Pax), was an important moment for me: I immediately wrote it down on my resumee but, seriously, it means to me something more than just a degree “. The Gentium Pro Peace is a moral and spiritual recognition on someone’s commitment to peace, justice and on diplomatic and social policies on a global scale.

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