Get The Perfect Vintage Dress For Your Body Type

No matter how far fashion has evolved, vintage dresses still manage to secure the same place in every woman’s wardrobe. Be it the socialites, red carpet celebrities or supermodels, each of them has shown endless love for vintage dresses from time to time. One can experiment greatly with options ranging from authentic vintage dresses to something like vintage-inspired. Designed to suit all body types, these dresses can help you look amazingly gorgeous, despite the body type you possess.

Get The Perfect Vintage Dress For Your Body TypeAll that you need to do is to initiate a detailed research in the right direction. One has to keep a note on attributes such as quality, sizing and affordability. By what matters the most is to choose a dress that manages to accentuate your particular body type. No matter how much you spend on a particular item, it would look good only if it has been crafted as per your body type. You can find amazing vintage apparels as per your body type when you visit JustFab. All that you need to do is to understand what would suit your body the best. Here is a little guide that will help you determine how to choose vintage dresses as per your body type.

Pear Shaped Body

For woman with pear shape body, the best option would be relying upon A-line vintage dresses that evolved in the late 60s. You can reveal a classy look when you choose a vintage A-line dress. To accentuate the body without looking bulky, settle for dresses that are not made from heavy fabrics and reach up to mid-calf. An alternative would be dresses that offer fitted upper tops and extend up to a long skirt as seen in the early 70’s. This will make you look slimmer and taller.

Hourglass Shaped Body

Considered to be a tricky body shape, the hourglass shaped body needs to be accentuated with well sorted dress. The vintage dressed with a cinched waist looks perfect on such body type. Adorned widely by the iconic star Marilyn Monroe, these dresses give an impression of slim waist and at the same time highlight the curves at right places. If willing to portray a perfectly toned body, you can put on body-con vintage dresses.

Apple Shaped Body

Anything that comes from 50’s, 60’s and 70’s can highlight the body types that identify well with apple shaped body. Apple shaped bodies are known to have bigger waist size, which is why it is important that you choose dresses that accentuates the legs or bust area and not the waist. Dresses from the suggested area focus least over the waist area, which is why we suggest you to opt for them.

Rectangle Body Shape

In case, you have a body that identifies best with rectangular shape, then the best that you can do is to rely upon flapper dresses from the early 30’s. They are known to flatter such body types, while helping in creating a feminine look. Also, you can try straight mod-style vintage dresses as they cover the body while helping you look slim and not athlete. Stay away from body hugging dresses as they can make you look boyish and masculine in terms on body frame.

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