Flexible Riser For Bore Well Pumping: Features And Facilities

Ground water extraction has become a necessity in many regions across the world. There are many companies who undertake the work efficiently. What is common among these companies is that they all use flexible risers for ground water pumping as these hoses prove to be much advantageous than many other pipes. There are climatic variations according to different climatic regions, so the amount of water accumulation and the water that needs to be dug out, all become quite difficult in different seasons. The flexible riser helps you to draw water to a large extent, as this material is light to access, and it has unique length and complete resistance to corrosion.

Features of Flexible Riser:

Available in stainless steel or high tensile polymer pairings, flexible risers are extensively used in the bore pumping process.

Flexible Riser For Bore Well Pumping: Features And Facilities

  • The pipes are built using thermoplastic polyurethane. These are then assimilated into a woven textile fabric which has good tenacity polyester.
  • The sizes vary between 40 mm and 200 mm in terms of inside diameter but they can have depth amounting to 250 meters.
  • Because of the high quality of the fabric, the risers possess good flexibility and can also uphold the weight of underwater pumps. In this way, flexible risers have a much higher water retrieval capacity.
  • The flexible riser is fastened to the water pump with pairings and is then lowered into the bore with the help of cranes, which ensures quick and easy installation and also speedy retrieval as and when required. A flexible riser made of genuine materials, is not susceptible to corrosion or to microbial damage.

The Advantages of a Flexible Riser:

Flexible risers have made ground water extraction easier. They are not only corrosion resistant but also lend resistance to damages caused by any microbial attacks. Due to the flexibility these risers make pumping of ground water quicker and simpler. Moreover, Flexible risers can be installed easily without any hassles. Easy installation of hoses is important in the ground water extraction as it is one of the main steps in the process. It also thus saves much labour costs. Since they are light in weight, these risers can be transported with much convenience and hence they come handy for ground water extraction in remote places or villages.

They are Durable, Efficient, and can be used with different kinds of Pumps:

Flexible Riser For Bore Well Pumping: Features And Facilities

  • Compatibility factor: Flexible risers can be used with different kinds of pumps and hence bore well pumping become a simpler process.
  • Many resistance factors: Flexible risers are also iron and bacteria resistant which makes maintenance simple.
  • Durability: The risers are long lasting and serve for a long time.
  • More efficiency than traditional pipes: Flexible risers offer much value and efficiency as compared to traditional hoses. This is the reason, why they are used for dewatering of mines, for irrigation and also for fuel transferring.
  • Customisation: These risers can be customised as per your requirements, and available with continuous lengths which make it convenient to use for different bore water extraction processes in different kinds of locations.
  • Value for money: There are no other pipes that offer so much at such a cost. When it comes to bore well construction, quality cannot be compromised. If you use  a flexible riser, the overall pumping cost will be low, as there are no chances of encrustation, sedimentation or ironing inside the surface of the pipe.

Applications of Flexible Risers

Because of great flexibility, resistance properties and strength and also their compatibility with all kinds of pumps, flexible risers find numerous applications. They are even salt water resistant and thus are used widely in many industries and other sectors.

Even domestic, municipal and other water bodies use flexible risers for their use. In rural and industrial bore water extraction processes, flexible risers come handy because of their numerous advantages. So, make your ground water pumping well with the best flexible riser.

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