Fish Foods

Aquariums are the decorative items of a complete home. The ornamental fishes in the aquariums enhance the beauty of a house. Fishes as pets make a good companion and gives a positive and vibrant sign to the surroundings. These beautiful species spread joy and positive vibrations, and are therefore must have pets at home. Fishes are probably the swiftest pets. Their agility and swimming tactics are worth watching. But if the fish food is not sufficient for them, they will not be active.. Aquarium fish feeds are the preferred fish food rather than feeding them at home. There are different types of fishes- marine and fresh water. Based on their origin, their food habits also change. Fish foods usually contain micronutrients, vitamins and minerals to ensure good health of the fishes. The fish food is available in the form of pellets, tablets or flakes. There are floatable forms that keep them from settling down; this ensures they are floating and visible to fishes. To maintain the proper quality of water the anti cloud formula of fish food may be used. Special foods containing beta carotene or sex hormones ensure attractive colors to ornamental fishes.

Fish Foods

Fish foods are prepared in dry form that is freeze dried or frozen fish diets. While these are prepared foods, live foods like worms, shells are also available in the market. These foods are also available as vacation foods, ideal for those days you are away from home. Vacation foods are in the form of big rocks that release small pellets as they dissolve over a period of time. Medicated fish foods can be used to deliver medications without contaminating the aquarium, furthermore they help to kill the parasites affecting the fishes. Frozen fish foods are highly famous for use in tropical or marine fishes. They include dead and dried animals such as blood worms, mosquito larvae, tubifex worms, water fleas etc. these foods are also available in live form. The live fish foods include, earthworms, water fleas, bloodworms, feeder fish, shrimp and microworms. All these fish foods are available for those beautiful and dancing mermaid-likes in your aquarium.

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