Exploring The Tourism Scenario Of Delhi

Being a seat of power for several centuries, Delhi has witnessed rise and fall of kingdoms. Like every major city, Delhi too balances between two worlds – the charming old and scaling new. Once the capital to the Mughals, Delhi appears like maze with narrow lanes, crumbling havelis, and monolithic mosques. And in contrast to that, the newer part of the city which was once a headquarter to the British, consists of several large bungalows with spacious gardens and wide roads with trees on the sides. Several important government buildings can be found in the area with, posh localities and marketplaces to explore.

Delhi tourism is not just attached to its glorious past as the throne to a magnificent empire, but also with its diverse culture. You will find that the city is dotted with captivating historical monuments at every other corner, museums and art galleries that contribute to a booming cultural setting, fantastic eating joints and bustling shopping areas sums up for a wholesome tourist experience. Delhi has some of the best accommodation options to choose from. From deluxe five star hotels, with swanky restaurants, bars and cafes, swimming pools and shopping arcades, to affordable budget hotels with guests facilities round the day. Apart from the hotels tourists can also find traveler’s dorm, service apartments, working women’s hostels, and camping sites as well.

Exploring The Tourism Scenario Of Delhi

Delhi is also known for its delectable range of cuisine, which carries a huge influence from the Mughlai and Muslim rulers. Apart from that you can also find your way to several international cuisines as well, from Continental to Thai and from Mexican to Chinese. This influence is enjoyed both by the locals and tourists alike. You can easily see that the majority of food variety is associated with the tandoor (all thanks to the Mughals) and almost every major dish has a ‘tandoori’ version of it – from tandoori paneer to tandoori fish, and from tandoori mutton to tandoori chicken. If you’re interested in street food, places like Bengali Market, Delhi Haat, Paranthe Wali Gali, Chandni Chowk and Lajpat Nagar are some of the places you should definitely check out. Apart from the North Indian curries, the people have a strong affinity towards the Chinese food and you can see a lot of food-vans and stalls in every other nook and corner of the city.

Delhi is one of those few places, which enjoys a great strategic location right at the heart of the country and several breathtaking tourist destinations in every direction. Places like Agra, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Shimla, Manali, Lucknow, Allahabad and more, are all located at a distance of few hours. You can take a Lucknow to Delhi flight or a volvo bus to Manali to enjoy these fantastic locations.

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