Explore Bihar and Its Capital Patna This Holiday

Patna is an ancient city and it is a popular place in the eastern part of the country. It is a place that connects well with the major cities of India and to other parts of Bihar. Read on to know more about the city.

Patna is the capital of Bihar. It is the second biggest city in eastern India. It connects to the commercial city of Muzaffarpur and the historic place of Vaishali and Bodh Gaya as well. Patna enjoys the blessings of Ganga, Punpun and Sone, the three rivers. The city has a grand past and it is presently a fast developing city of eastern India. Legend has it that a purified Ganga had watched with adoration as a consecrated Buddha favored this spot to be a domain of awesome kings and their magnificent empires. Fitting in with the blue group of urban communities with a regal legacy, it is the area where the best sovereigns of India strolled and it is here that the some of the holiest of people gave preachings. Master Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru was conceived here. For anybody with a preference for history and religion, this spot is a must-visit.Today it is obvious that Bihar and Patna have abided more promising times. Bihar is one of the most rural states in India. This may change soon since Patna has ended up as one of the quickest developing urban communities of India. With land value rising at a bewildering pace, new organizations, shopping centers, theaters, amusement parks, etc. are too coming up fast. It conveys the seed for an energetic city life and a visitor’s destination of sorts.

Explore Bihar and Its Capital Patna This Holiday

Patna is an old city that is truly captivating with its mix of old and new and a fabulous society to take notice of. The three rivers flowing by Patna offer a sublime past. Today this has turned into a city brimming with life, however, its illustrious legacy talks about the times when the best sovereigns of the nation like Gupta, Maurya and Ashoka originated at its soil. The beaus of history will discover this spot a fortune to revere and a sanctuary for social tourism. In the event that you need to see the authentic spots of Patna, you can board a flight or train to the place.

Well connected to road and highways too, Patna is highly accessible by all means of transport. In the event that you need to travel by road, you can take NH 30, 31 or 19. It is from Patna that you can commute to other cities as well. You can get from Patna to Muzaffarpur by taxi easily, for instance.

Patna is a renowned city as well as a religious spot. Hanuman Mandir of Patna near the railway station is a place for every devotee. Har Mandir Sahib here is one of the sacred spots of Sikhism. There is a historical center in Patna that has more than 50,000 uncommon articles. The excellent statue of Yakshini and the sacred relic coffin with the heavenly cinders of Lord Buddha are drawing in elements at this exhibition hall.

There is a zoo at Patna known as the Sanjay Gandhi Botanical and Zoological Garden. The extension that unites Patna and Hajipur called Mahatma Gandhi Setu is one of the spots of visit. Gandhi Museum, Vaishali Stupa , Padri Ki Haveli, and Buddha Memorial Park are some other adjacent attractions. You can appreciate heaps of fun during your stay in Patna. Take a ferry ride in the Ganga river close to the Gandhi Ghat, or play golf at the Patna Golf Club, eat at the Revolving Restaurant known as Pind Balluchi. You can also visit Vaishali where the historic Ashoka Pillar is. You can also explore the Kali Temple at Patna University Campus.The street side eateries in Patna offer a few delectable dishes like Litti Chokha and samosa chat. Some posh restaurants are situated inside the Maurya Lok Complex. Patna is additionally renowned for its assortments of desserts and the city has numerous prominent sweet shops which you would not want to miss. Having explored the place, check out other places of Bihar, such as Gaya and Madhubani.

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