Experience full HD in the newly launching Smartphone HTC One M10

At present all the Smartphone lovers are waiting for the launch of new smart phone which was ready for launching by the HTC Company.Already the versionof HTC One M9 and HTC One M9 Plus wasexisting in the market and they are increasing his sales in the market smoothly. It is must that the  company must involve their   innovative ideas and for launching the new smart phone with lots of advanced features which must be new, special compared to other smart phones. Some of the rumors tell that the   competitor companies like LG and Samsungare working using the technology of iris eye for their upcomingsmart phones for LG G5and Galaxy S7. So it will be the tough one for other companies for bringing them down. But it is well known that HTC will bring some exceptional things all time it may in the performance or the beautiful design. Now they are going to launch their new version SmartphoneHTC One M10 Smartphone. So people looking for this new mobile can keep waiting for the new Smartphone.

Special specifications of HTC One M10:

The HTC Company now at present the existingmobilephone was HTC One M9 whichdoes the best Smartphone existin the market. It hasexcellent specifications, but the new one which is ready for launching is HTC One M10 will be more superiorto its excellent quality camera and long lasting battery performance. The smart phone designed to display of 5inch 1080p along with the 441ppi. The Smartphone has the option of highly customizable with built-in apps and excellent UI.  The HTC One M10 runs with the help of a Quad Core processor. And previously HTC One M9 has the RAM with 3GB and it is now expected that HTC One M10 may have 4G RAM. Thebest specifications of HTC One M10 is it have customized User interface and High performance. But in the year2016 HTC will be something reallyexcellent.HTC One M10  will be the best Smartphone which will perform the multitasking along with the help of the optimumresources which will be the best one for other competitors.

Expectations for HTC One M10:

The upcoming Smartphone HTC One M10   is expected to have the display with  5.5-inch in which it will be the best mobile having a large display in the year 2016 compared to the display of other smart phones. Already HTC One M9 has display with 1080p resolution, whichis good, so people are expecting that HTC One M10 willhave 2Kdisplay.The resolution of HTC One M10 has 2650 X 1440 pixels.In was a rumor that   Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 will bring a display with 4K resolutionso HTC may be putting more effort for bringing resolution of 4K in the HTC One M10. The smart phone HTC One M10will be completely high Definition and HTC is the only mobile phone for having it first. So people can expect the 4K display in HTC One M10.

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