Enjoy A Seamless Web Hosting Experience With Windows Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the least expensive and most common hosting options for a majority of commercial as well as individual websites that do not generate exceedingly high amount of network traffic. In this type of hosting, your website will be hosted on a physical server with tens, hundreds or even thousands of other websites. The server resources like bandwidth, memory, storage, etc is shared by all the websites that the server hosts.

Enjoy A Seamless Web Hosting Experience With Windows Shared Hosting

Internet has become an essential part of our lives. It is therefore important that we have a secure and reliable network operating system capable of seamlessly delivering network traffic without any degradation in performance.  Windows shared hosting perfectly fits the bill as web hosting using this popular operating system is optimized for uptime, reliability and software portability.

Tracing its origin to Windows NT core, Windows shared hosting scores high on parameters of reliability, robustness, security and versatility. Windows web server in most of the cases matches or even surpasses most of the important features offered by Linux.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

Low price of shared hosting is perhaps its biggest advantage.  Another important feature of shared hosting is the account holder does not need to perform server maintenance on the server when running programs. It saves both time and money as you do not have to hire expert professionals to maintain your server as the service provider is taking care of it. Also, all shared hosting providers offer their services with a user-friendly web based Control Panel, so it is easy to upload your site, create email accounts and a database.

Enjoy A Seamless Web Hosting Experience With Windows Shared Hosting

In the following paragraphs we shall look at some of the important features and advantages of Windows shared hosting and the reason for its popularity in the hosting world.

Windows operating system based shared hosting is generally aimed at big businesses with large hosting budget and specific hosting needs. Windows based hosting is more expensive in comparison to Linux hosting owing to commercial nature of Windows operating system.

Microsoft offers a wide range of server-specific applications that are only compatible with Windows servers that are targeted at larger businesses meaning that if you wish to make use of one of these applications, you won’t really have any choice but to consider a Windows hosting server for your requirements.

Windows Offer ASP.NET Hosting

Windows operating system are required to host websites that have been developed using classic ASP and ASP.NET. These two popular scripting languages that allow developers to create dynamic, unique and interactive web-content have been developed by Microsoft. This means that anybody using ASP.NET and ASP has no other choice but to go for Windows shared hosting.

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