Effective Ways To Address Tardy Employees

You overslept, public transportation was running with delays, or things just came up. Trust me, we’ve all been through these situations. Reporting to work late, while sometimes unavoidable, can pose problems when it becomes a frequent occurrence. Employees are the most precious, and costly, resource for companies. Poor employee management can lead to significant losses for companies that don’t address tardiness appropriately.

Effective Ways To Address Tardy Employees

Managers do understand, that unforeseen circumstances can occur, but habitual tardiness can have an adverse effect on other employees. Below are some suggestions on how to properly address tardiness:

Voice Policies Clearly

All employees of an organization must be made aware of company policies. A clear line of communication is crucial to ensuring that process is followed. If your company has rules related to deduction from salary then making sure new staff members are aware is important. Ensure that staff members always have easy access to employee handbooks so that they can always keep up to date with policies.

Identify the Problem

If a particular employee has been frequently tardy, it can be helpful to try to understand the cause of the tardiness. This will make you aware of any problems or issues that he or she might be facing so that they can be addressed appropriately. The manager can work with the tardy employee to discuss measures that can be taken to encourage more regular and timely work attendance.

Effective Ways To Address Tardy Employees

Stay Consistent with Discipline

If he or she continues to be tardy and violate the policies of the company after several warnings, the manager will need to take additional steps.

  • Oral Warnings- Start with oral reminders. This can also include verbal discussions of tardiness and open communication as to how it can be addressed.
  • Written Warnings- If oral reminders do not work, written reminders and formal documentation of issues can often prove to be helpful. A complete record of tardiness can be referenced to help the employee understand how their tardiness is affective productivity.
  • Final Parting- If the above steps are following and yet tardiness continues to be a problem, at times it may be necessary to acknowledge that the employee is not a good fit for the company. Then the company should abide by their HR policies to decide what the best course of action would be for a formal split from the company.

Effective Ways To Address Tardy Employees

To conclude, it is important to know some people easily understand while others take some time. Addressing tardiness requires patience and understanding from managers. By following the above recommendations, managers can reduce tardiness and promote a more productive work environment.

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