Easy and Inexpensive DIY Home Renovation Suggestions

You don’t need to be interior designer or skilled carpenter to renovate your home by yourself, just the way you want it to be. All you need to have your dream home is to let your creativity – don’t be afraid to experiment!

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Home Renovation Suggestions

Are you bored with the appearance of your home? Do you want to renovate it without spending a fortune, hiring interior designer and buying expensive new furniture and accessories? The professional carpet cleaners in Hanwell have some tips for you. Just read through this article to get some useful ideas.

Wood and Wooden Furniture

You have an old shabby cabinet or dresser? Your dog made scratches all over your door? Or you’re just tired with the look of kitchen cupboards? Well, there is an easy and affordable way to revamp wood furnishings on your own. The first option is to buy some paint for wood and just cover them with the desirable color and finish with some colorless varnish. You can experiment with some daring colour to make your cabinet accent of the particular room. If you don’t like the idea of covering the original wood, you can just put some water mordant to renew it. Another great idea for improving the look of old furniture is to simply replace the knobs and handles. Aim for playful, modern, or classic look – nowadays handles and doorknobs come in great variety.

Living Room and Bedroom

After you freshened up your furniture it is time to set the details. There are plenty of changes that you can make on your own in these two rooms. A classic all-time favourite interior solution is to decorate your bed, or sofa with hand made pillows. Motley, varicolored, or just plain – the fabric is up to you. You can sew the pillows by yourself, or if you don’t feel handy enough here’s a trick – make the cushions without sewing, just use some textile glue. You can fill your brand new decorative pillows with batting or just with some cloth pieces made from old sheets and clothes. Another trick, if you don’t want to bother with preparing the cushions – buy some plain ones from the store and decorate them with buttons, prints or stencils. The result is proven to be great.

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Home Renovation Suggestions

Another great interior idea for bedroom or living room is to make colourful accent on some of the walls. If you have pale cream, gray or white walls, painting a single wall in the room will perk the whole place. You don’t even have to paint a whole wall, you will get great result if you make few decorative geometric elements – triangles or squares in colors matching or contrasting with your upholstery. If you prefer to leave your walls plain it is always a good idea to put some framed pictures or posters on some of the walls. Just remember – don’t cover the whole room, pick a wall and create an accent for an elegant look.

Let’s talk about your curtains. When was the last time, that you’ve changed them? In most cases people tend to change their sofa and rug more often than their window coverings. After a while any curtain exposed to the sunlight is fading and getting scruffy. Replacing the curtains can dramatically change the whole look of your room. Drapes come in a wide range of models, textiles and patterns, but sometimes they could be both expensive and hard to maintain. So here is an interesting suggestion for you – put shower curtains instead of regular ones. (Of course we’re talking about fabric, not the plastic ones!) There are countless models of them, that can fit to your bedroom or living room. And they have three definite advantages – they are easier to clean and maintain, they dry faster and they are cheaper than the regular curtains. Improvise, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the result!


Details and accessories will bring your home the final, “designer” touch. And they don’t don’t have to be expensive! There are a lot of DIY tutorials all over the Internet for easy making and interesting accessories. One of the most effective makeover that anyone can make by himself is decoupage. It is literally covering certain item with newspapers or magazines and varnishing it. Lampshades, picture frames, boxes – decoupaged objects never go out of fashion and they aren’t so hard to do. Also you can make an interesting vases on your own. All you need is glass bottles or big jars, yarn and glue – just apply some glue on the bottles and roll the thread around it. Here is an interesting idea for you bathroom or kitchen – you can make vivid mosaic patchwork from old pottery pieces and silicone glue.

There are plenty of changes that you can make without spending a fortune. You just need to experiment and let your imagination work.

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