E3 2015: Xbox One Backward Compatibility Update Enables 360

Xbox has finally launched backwards compatibility for some Xbox 360 games, One of Microsoft’s biggest announcements at the E3 show (so far) Is that the Company offers to the owners of the current generation Xbox One can play their old games, Making the Xbox One console more interesting to Xbox 360 holdouts. And the best is yet to come because you don’t need to check out to make you happy.

Be careful though, because only a hundred titles will be concerned to start and it will probably take several months before all the catalog of 360 is supported by the console. And again. In addition, Microsoft said that the function will come in the autumn, without giving further details.

E3 2015: Xbox One Backward Compatibility Update Enables 360

Microsoft will offer the Digital Version of your Favorite Games

But how does it actually work? It will be very simple. First point not least, you must have the original disks to be able to turn the associated titles, or have purchased their digital version. In the first case, If they own a game on a disc, the Xbox One will copy it to its hard drive, but still check for the physical disc before launching the game.

You will have nothing more to do on your side. The process is completely transparent to the user.”When you start a game on Xbox One Backward Compatibility, then you will see that the game first loads a virtual Xbox 360 console and only then the title. “Every game must be revised individually, so it is compatible with the Virtual Console. Is to provide every month more titles destination.

These games will behave like any other capacity. It will be possible to record sequences or even take screenshots on the fly. Better, Microsoft even made sure to keep the multiplayer functions and thus you can take on your friends in great games if you wish. The operating system of the Xbox One is based on the core of Windows 8. In the coming months, possibly even this year, the core is to be upgraded to Windows 10.

And there, suddenly, we understand why the firm has graced us with an xbox one equipped with a 1TB drive. Casually, some games of 360 were quite heavy and  they may soon take much space on the console. Especially for those who have a well stocked library. This is a huge move for Microsoft as it aims to better compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4.

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