Draw Poker: An Intriguing Positional Poker Game

Poker is the name that is in everyone’s mouth. May it be a professional player or a recreational player, poker is fun, interesting and a good time turner. If luck meets the player, it is surely a life turner. Poker is a game of cards that involve multiple players glued to the game that involves multiple rounds and multiple betting. Of the many variants of poker, draw poker has got a plenty of people eyeing their interests and money on it. Draw poker is a game where the player has to have a complete hand before the first betting round begins. On the contrary, the player may have to withdraw from the game. Further as the game proceeds, the player develops the hand in every round by either drawing the cards or replacing them. Draw poker is a type of poker where the game is very positional. When the player is well versed with the game of poker and its structure, draw poker becomes very easy for him. The game is simple when it is a home play but it becomes critical at professional level. In the casinos, instead of antes, blinds are preferred. The initial betting round is ensued with the player who is left of the big blind. In the next betting rounds, the game starts with the player who is left of the dealer.

Draw Poker: An Intriguing Positional Poker Game

When the player is new to draw poker, it is better to start with a standard 5 card draw game. Though this version is getting outdated in the casinos and tournaments, playing this game gives a basic knowledge about the draw poker. Other versions of draw poker are Gardena jackpots, California low ball, Kansas City low ball, double draw, triple draw, Bagudi or Padooki, Baduci, California high split or California low split, high or low with declare, four before, Johnson or jacks back and Q-ball. These draw poker games are played at a very serious stake in the casinos and in tournaments. There are other draw poker games that simply play at home at smaller stakes. Home draw poker games are shot gun, spit in the ocean, anaconda and many other ad hoc games.

Gardena jackpots: This version of draw poker is based on the standard hand values and most played worldwide. The game is played with an ante and only one joker that are used as a bug. There are no blinds used in the game. In the game, the betting begins only when the players get a pair of jacks or a better hand. In case the game never tends open, a new deal is started with every antes into the pot. The player who is ready to open the game may if necessary prove the opening hand. The opening player may then have the privilege to break openers simply by throwing the jack of hearts so that he may make the club flush. This game was extremely popular in the city of Gardena, California.

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