Don’t Get Scammed! Find A Trained Chimney Sweep

Like building, decorating and other heavy duty work done around the home, chimney sweeping has its fair share of cowboys and con artists.

The last thing you want is to be poorly advised and end up either paying for things you don’t need or having the job done badly, leaving your home in a mess and with an unsafe chimney. A flue that has not been swept or inspected correctly is still susceptible to blockages and chimney fires, and even carbon monoxide leaks if there is any damage. Chimney sweep training is essential.

Don’t Get Scammed! Find A Trained Chimney Sweep
This is why the industry is well regulated, with approved government bodies and recognized certifications for chimney sweeps.

HETAS are the official government-recognized body for solid fuel appliances and services to do with their installation and maintenance. Chimney sweeps have to complete set training courses before they can be HETAS approved.

HETAS also require chimney sweeps to be members of one of their nominated Trade Associations. These associations train and assess all their members, and so anyone who’s HETAS registered will be fully qualified. Training is undertaken for chimney sweeping and inspection, for all the types of appliance installation and also flue linings.

To protect yourself from the tricksters and ensure a professional job, choose from reputable chimney sweep companies. This will ensure that you are always treated with professionalism and courtesy, and that your appliance and property are well looked after.

There are several websites to help you find a chimney sweep, and these will give you a list of your nearest HETAS-registered sweeps and a full list of the services they provide.

Your chimney and fireplace/appliance should be checked once a year. It’s advisable to have the chimney swept around autumn, checking the flue after a period of disuse over the summer months. This also ensues the chimney is ready for use through the winter.

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