Does The Seating Arrangement Affect Learning?

Look around in a typical classroom and the first thing that will be noticed is that the majority of the students take the same seat every other day. There are certain students who prefer sitting at the back, while some prefer occupying the seats in the front, and there are some who choose the seats near the windows or the door and even the aisles. Does this seating preference of each student has an effect on their learning?

Does The Seating Arrangement Affect Learning?

The Effects Of Seating Arrangements On Students:

According to a lot of researches, it was found out that there is a relatively hue impact of the seating arrangement on the learning of the students as the students sitting in the front rows pay more attention that then ones at the back as the ones in the front are more inclined to participate in the discussions than the back benchers. This seating arrangement signifies the personality of the students as the ones that are attentive prefer occupying the front rows because they do not want to miss out on any important information passed on during any of the lectures. In comparison, however, the ones that are laid back are the ones who prefer occupying the rows at the back so that they are not noticed much by the instructors. Therefore, the seating arrangement does influence the concentration, attention span as well as the retention and understanding of the lectures in a class.

If you happen to be a diligent student, who gets stuck to occupy the seats at the back, you may find it difficult to pay attention as well as take down notes because of all the back benchers around you. Let’s find out the ways through which you can cope with such a situation if you ever get stuck and stay an active participant still.

Get Noticed By The Teacher:

Do not just crouch while sitting in a corner and make yourself known to the teacher by raising hands to ask questions or you may even lean forward in your chair while the lecture is going on. This way the teacher would know that you are paying attention as well as active even while sitting at the far end of the classroom.

Get Involved In The Discussion:

During class discussions, openly give your opinions rather than feeling like you have become invisible. Make yourself heard so that you are also able to grasp the concepts more when your opinions are contradicted as well as corrected by the teacher during the discussions. Even if it at the back, act as if you are still in the front row.

Always Take Down The Notes:

Students must take down the notes during a lecture or ask their classmates for the notes later on in order to not lag behind in the class. They can even record the lecture if it is allowed during a class and still stay up on their game.

Apart from all these steps, if there is an option, you can talk to your teacher and request them to let you sit closer to the front rows or you can even come earlier to the classroom in order to occupy the front seats if they are not already assigned to a student.

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