Different Kinds Of Kratom Tree and Leaf

Kratom is a very useful herbal tree which is actually comes from Southeast Asia. But now kratom cultivation and marketing is spreading worldwide. In Southeast Asia farmers are cultivating many kinds of kratom tree. We can classify kratom tree by considering its species, size, alkaloids and leaf. There are many species kratom trees in the worldwide. Kratom is a tree of Mitragyna speciosa family. Mitragyna speciosa family contains so many kinds of alkaloid tree. Kratom is one of them. We also can classify kratom plants by its size. There are two kinds of kratom tree- regular size kratom tree and big size kratom tree or the hybrid kratom tree. Small version kratom trees are generally being 20-30 ft tall and 15-17 ft in wide. But the hybrid kratom is being bigger than the small kratom tree. This kind of kratom tree can be more than 60 ft tall in height and they can spread 20-25 ft in wide. This kind of kratom gives a large amount of kratom leaf then the small kind of kratom trees. We also can classify kratom trees by its leaf. There are three kinds of kratom leaf. We named it red vein kratom tree, white vein kratom tree and green vein kratom tree.

Different Kinds Of Kratom Tree and Leaf

Red Vein Kratom Leaf

It the most cultivated kratom specie in Southeast Asia. In Thailand and Indonesia most of the farmers cultivating and marketing this kind of kratom leaf. Indonesian bali kratom is one of the most popular kratom products in online.  Red vein kratom leaf is the most effective kratom leaf. Because it contains more alkaloid than the other kinds. In online you can get some amazing kratom products which are making from red vein kratom leaf. In our sites you can order some special red vein products like red vein bali kratom, premium bali kratom etc. you can order these amazing products from our site.

White and Green Vein Kratom Leaf

These two kinds of kratom leaf contain a little less amount of alkaloids then the red vein. But they can do the same things the red vein does. The difference is only in the alkaloid amounts in kratom resin. The white vein kratom powder, maeng da kratom powder and many more amazing kratom products are producing from these two veins. These products are useful and very effective products. They are also very easy to using. So you should try these products and take the benefits.

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