Diets By Juices And Shakes

Today it is common to hear talk of diets based juices or shakes and within these possibilities and mixes are great. We have to remember that if our goal is to maintain a healthy weight and be healthy we should not follow a strict and restrictive diet if not that what you should do is learn to eat. Diets that are often very restrictive and limiting food or how to eat them make attachment of people to it is not able to maintain for a long period of time. However if you start by changing habits and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will achieve and maintain the objectives.

Within the wide variety of diets we can find diet shakes. These consist of incorporating a shakes for a specific purpose and replace one meal or perform all meal times with juices.

Diets By Juices And Shakes

Shakes for Weight Loss

The idea of ​​the first type of diet is to replace one or more meals for a shake, usually from fruit and vegetables and in some cases protein shakes sold in the market. The purpose of these diets is to reduce caloric intake by at least one meal in order to achieve weight loss or improve the contribution of protein to the diet, as applicable; even meet daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

There are many options in the market to replace full meals for a milkshake, but it is important to consult with a professional to check the nutrient supply is adequate. Similarly if the end of churning is to incorporate more fruits and vegetables to food is always advisable to seek accurate information to prevent nutrient deficiencies.

If a person is eating some time very caloric food and replaces it with a shake, whose caloric intake will be lower, you may notice changes in your weight and if this person is overweight to lose at least 5-10% of your current weight will notice health benefits. So you can say they are a good option in a weight loss plan.

Cold Juices

On the other side are now booming market, juices, cold press juices, which are extracted using a specific technique and unlike those mentioned above, but which do not provide fiber intake of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) will be much higher.

Now it is common for this type of juices are used to perform some sort of detox body level. It should be noted that for these types of “detox” the body should be prepared beforehand. It is usually performed during three days, in which about 6 juices are consumed per day. The total calorie intake per day is usually low but within a proper range and micronutrient intake is much higher.

The idea during those three days of juice is to give your body all the nutrients it needs and in a way that is easily absorbed. Subsequent to these days is recommended to consume only juice variously juice per day in conjunction with a balanced, adequate and healthy diet for everyone.

Juice consumption may be a good way to start a healthy lifestyle, so it’s the starting point for a balanced diet, adequate hydration and constant physical activity.

It is not recommended to be extremist and maintain a diet based only shakes or juices. These can be included in a healthy eating plan, with the goal of lowering a weight you have extra or starting a new lifestyle. But you should always make such changes in the hand with nutrition professional will advise, guide and accompany you in the process. So changes are made in favor of their health.

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