Couple’s Tour In Manchester – Sites To See With Your SO!

Whether you’re already from UK or flying all the way from the United States, there’s no question that visiting Manchester offers you a wide array of locations for exploration with your significant other. Here are just some of the places you should definitely check out:

Manchester Museum

Located at Oxford Road, the Manchester Museum is one of the most prominent buildings in the area. You’ll find that the exhibitions here are truly breathtaking and arranged in such a way that will hold your interest. This museum currently holds the largest collection of artifacts from Egypt as well as numerous other items from all over the world.

You’ll be able to see mummies without travelling all the way to Egypt as well as marvel at the different materials used in Greece and Rome thousands of years ago.

Couple's Tour In Manchester  Sites To See With Your SO


You can say Castlefield is the birthplace of Manchester, serving as the main spot during the Industrial Revolution. In here, you’ll find Roman Forts which were used for defense purposes. There’s also the Canal Basin, located in the same site and was actually declared an Urban Heritage by the United Kingdom.

A sprawling landscape of green and old structures, Castlefield makes you feel as if you’ve just stepped through a time portal and found yourself in the middle of Manchester before it became the city it is today. Definitely a great place for couples to explore, Castlefield offers you lots of opportunities for taking pictures.

Ordsall Hall

One of the most famous mansions in Manchester, Ordsall Hall is the place to be if you have a taste for mystery. Stories suggest that there are several ghosts roaming the area – and for a very good reason. The hall has been around since 1210 and was passed on from generation to generation. It bore witness to Tudors, gentries, royalty loyalists, and other powerful people from the past. Today, the Ordsall Hall is furnished to capture as closely as possible, it’s original look and feel during the 1200s.

Royal Exchange Theater

There are two things you and your SO can do at the Royal Exchange Theater – you can watch the shows or just simply walk around enjoying old world architecture. The area is home to some of the most impressive structures of the Victorian age, giving you a glimpse of what it must have been like during Queen Victoria’s reign.

The theater itself is an impressive structure specially designed to provide every viewer with maximum exposure of the show. No need to worry about getting a bad seat because all 760 positions are near and unobstructed.

Manchester Cathedral

After all that galloping, don’t forget to check out the Cathedral, an imposing figure found in Victoria Street. Possible built as early as 1422, you’ll find that inside is a cornucopia of items and structures that boast old world elegance.

Of course, those are just few of the places you can visit in this sprawling city. There’s really not enough time to explore Manchester in a few days so if you want, why not live in it for a time?

Apartments in Manchester are quite expensive but will give you the chance to truly immerse yourself in the city with your bae!

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