Contract Furniture Options

Contract furniture can be supplied to businesses and commercial buildings of all types. It is designed to be functional and attractive, and it is built to endure regular and long-term use. It typically includes a guarantee or warranty for at least some components of the furniture, and by using a bespoke design service you can be absolutely sure that the furniture that you have designed and installed matches all of your requirements and gives the professional look that your business demands.

Contract Furniture Options

Made To Measure

It is possible to buy contract furniture “off the peg”, but this can severely limit your choices. You need to consider the dimension and space requirements where the furniture will be placed, choose the furniture that fits those needs, and opt for the suites or collections that include the items that you require. Alternatively, some bespoke designers offer a design consultancy service. They will work with your space, determine the exact measurements and specifications, and then work with those figures to create furniture that not only looks exactly how you want it to, but that is designed to fit exactly how you need it to.

Bespoke Design

The bespoke design service also enables you to work with the design team to create a look and aesthetic finish that best suits your business. You can choose the basic shape, whether you want contemporary or traditional design, and whether you want any extra features like buttons or fluting added to the furniture that you choose. Bespoke design is the only sure fire way of ensuring that your furniture matches your branding, your corporate colours, and the interior and décor of the rooms or areas where the furniture will be used.

Style And Design Options

Bespoke services enable you to choose the style, the colours, and the overall design of the furniture, and they also enable you to buy furniture that fits perfectly into the space that you want. Before you consult with designers or bespoke services, you should determine the kind of thing you want. The design team will discuss this with you, and they will attempt to recreate your vision according to your instructions. Whether you want a contemporary bar finish, a traditional pub feel, or a luxurious lobby area, your bespoke contract furniture can provide all of this and more, as long as you use a reputable and skilled bespoke design service.


Contract furniture is specifically meant for use by businesses and commercial buildings. It is designed to withstand greater pressure and last longer than standard and home furniture options do. The contract essentially refers to the agreement that is entered into between you, as the buyer, and the manufacturing service. You guarantee to buy the items, while the manufacturer guarantees that they are fit for purpose. In order to assure customers of the quality, you will find contract furniture designers that offer five or even ten year guarantees on some of the components of their furniture, and the framework is the most important element to consider.

Atlas Contract Furniture offers a bespoke design and manufacturing service to provide high quality, good looking, comfortable, and long-lasting furniture for commercial businesses and buildings.

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