Conducting Good Research Essential To Design Best UX

The success and popularity of a website depends on the perception of it’s viewers. People access the usefulness of a site and come up with their conclusions within seconds. To create a high quality of UX design, coordination between different departments such as development, product management, content, graphic design and customer service is essential. Often, companies perform research with good intention but fail due to a wrong methodology of execution.

The common mistakes in methodology that they make include asking wrong people for feedback, applying wrong research method and leading the witness. Colleagues and stakeholders are not actual users and don’t represent the target audience in any way. Therefore, to create an interesting UX design, companies need to involve the right people in the design process.

Conducting Good Research Essential To Design Best UX

User testing can have different meanings for different people and involves various methods like A/B testing, focus groups, usability testing, etc. The method that a company chooses depends on the stage of development and the questions they may have. But a survey is not suitable for interaction. Using the wrong method often leads to wrong conclusions.

Quite often, novice facilitators bias the study with leading questions, leading to wrong conclusions. Applying usability testing method can produce far more valid information if it is conducted by individuals with good knowledge of behavioral research. Offering usability and design guidance are a part of a UX designer’s day to day work. He also has to help teams to go ahead with production. The best way he can do is with data rather than opinions. It is easy to reject design solutions based on speculation, but it is very tough to challenge one that is supported by evidence.

One of the most effective ways for designers to end a meeting where assumptions are being made is to test it. It will help him to prove or disprove the assumption, and also give a clear idea of user research. The idea of iterative design isn’t new The Lean Startup movement that focuses on conducting experiments to test design vision can, however, can often be misleading. This is because it assumes that an item must be coded and launched for systems to be tested with users and for taking measurements.

Development time can be expedited by testing sketches and wire frames initially,before writing a single line of code. This will save a lot of valuable time and resources. UX designers should take into account questions they have about their concept at each phase of development and create the easiest artifact for testing their assumptions.

User experience isn’t possible without users. Creation of user interfaces involves taking complicated decisions. User research is a tool that can help organizations achieve their aim. Even the most innovative designs are assumptions till they are put to test by real users. Different types of research will answer different questions. Therefore, designers should have good knowledge of tools to apply them effectively. As a result there will be a marked improvement in user experience.

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