Concrete Cutting Saws Make The Job Of Cutting Concrete Easy and Hassle-Free

One of the best ways of effectively cutting hard things is that of utilizing the diamond chain saws and cut-off machines. These are helpful in cutting materials which are composed of various metals and stones and can be categorized into several sub-divisions.

What are the different types of concrete cutting saws? How are they used?

Cut-off Concrete Cutting Saws

This saw is ideal for cutting asphalt, concrete and metal. This kind of a saw is used for lighter loads of work yet is utilized in various ways and mechanisms. The saw either uses a diamond blade or a composite resin abrasive wheel to cut.

This cutting saw gains its power from a hydraulic power unit, a two-stroke gas engine, an electric motor or an air compressor. The specific application should determine the choice of power source.

Concrete Cutting Saws Make The Job Of Cutting Concrete Easy and Hassle-Free

Electric Cut-off Concrete Cutting Saws

When it comes to cut-off concrete cutting saws, the electric version is popular among users as they are simple to use, less noisy and light in weight.

  • A saw of this variety is portable and it is very helpful in cutting concrete materials.
  • When compared to other saws it is less speedy and it can lead to a delay in work.

Hydraulic Cut-off Concrete Cutting Saws

Those who are looking for the highest power-to-weight ratio in their saws can choose the hydraulic saws. For contractors, this is a perfect choice as most of them have a hydraulic power unit. As compared to a pneumatic saw, hydraulic saw is however much more expensive.

If there is a leak in the hydraulic line, using hydraulic concrete cutting saws can be expensive and dangerous. If pressure builds up in the hydraulic line, handling the saw can become difficult.

Pneumatic Cut-off Concrete Cutting Saws

Most job sites have air compressors on the site which makes it easier for contractors to use the pneumatic concrete cutting saws. A saw of this kind is very easy to handle yet it is effective and much less time is needed. The risk of delay and any prominent dangers is almost not there. All the user has to do is to release the air pressure if the blade stalls. Pneumatic saws are simple to maintain and light in weight and come with no risk of fluid leak.

Diamond Concrete Cutting Saws

Another type of cutting saw is the one that comes with diamond blades. In existence since the thirties, this saw was used back then for lapidary purposes. Over a period of time, the diamond saw started to be used for cutting concrete.

Pharmacist Richard Felker developed the first diamond blades. These blades used natural diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are mostly used in making saws with diamond blades nowadays which are efficient and less time consuming in today’s fast daily life. The variety of diamond cutting saw varies from region to region and it also depends on the minerals that can be obtained from the nearby areas. Leading diamond concrete cutting saw manufacturers make an extensive range of diamond blades to suit different hardness in the aggregate mixes through different areas. These blades are designed to cut effectively no matter which aggregate the concrete mix uses.

How Materials are Mixed to get a Good Variety?

Steel saw core, metal binding powder and diamonds are ingredients used to make diamond blades in concrete cutting saws. A metal powder mixture that contains elements like silver, nickel, cobalt, copper, iron and tin is combined with diamond crystals to make the blades. The diamond segment is welded on to the steel core after the mixture is pressed on to it. The blades are ready to be used once all the diamonds are welded on to it.

Both the diamond concrete cutting saws and the cut-off saws offer optimum performance and effective productivity.

Above mentioned points help you to understand about concrete cutting saws. If you would like to know more then get in touch and get more details.

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