Clearing Your House Using Van Hire

Whether you are moving to a smaller house, or you’ve collected a lifetime of clutter and want to make room in your home, having a huge clear out of everything that you don’t need can create room and it can even give you a lift and make you feel better. If it is time to redecorate or update the interior of your home, then this is the ideal opportunity to clear out items that you no longer use.

Be ruthless, send items that could enjoy a new lease of life with another owner to junk and charity shops, and recycle those items that can be recycled, before taking what is left to the tip. Hiring a van means that you don’t have to use and potentially dirty or damage your own car, it means that you can benefit from the additional space that a van has to offer, and it means that you won’t have to make as many trips to and from charity shops and the tip as you would if you used the family vehicle.

Clearing Your House Using Van Hire

Van hire doesn’t have to be expensive, and could work out cheaper than renting a skip especially because it will enable you to take items to their new home, rather than simply throwing everything away. Work out how long you will need the van for, and do include a little extra time for delays and emergencies, but don’t get carried away by hiring it for too long a period. This will add to the price that you pay, and you could be unnecessarily paying too much money.

Another way to ensure that you don’t spend too much money on your van rental is to make sure that you choose an appropriately sized vehicle. One that is too small will mean that you will have to make multiple trips, and this means that you will have to pay extra for petrol. For short trips, the additional cost may not be that much, but if you are going on a longer journey, then this can make a noticeable difference to the total cost of clearing your home.

If the van is too large, it means that you are essentially paying for space that you won’t use. Larger vans usually cost more than smaller sized ones, and if you are only half filling the vehicle then it means that you are not utilising the space that you have basically already paid for. While it can be difficult to determine exactly how much room you need, at least consider the size of the largest items that you will be transporting.

If you are going to the tip, then you may be able to break most objects down so that they take up less room and are easier to move, but this is not a practical way to move the items. Using a van that is of an appropriate size and has the appropriate amount of space will offer you greater value for money and ensure that you make the most of your rental.

Renting a van from Nationwide Hire UK can enable you to clear the contents of a house, move the rubbish out of a single room, or take a single large items from one location to another without using your own car and while ensuring that you have adequate space and room.

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