Clean Energy (Solar Energy) – How It Has Swept Off The Electricity Market These Days

In school, you are given knowledge about the types of renewable and non-renewable resources that we use in our daily life. Non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels are being continuously employed for the extraction of petroleum crude oil, precious metals and stones, etc, which has resulted in a condition, where they are about to get extinct.

Fossil fuels require millions of years to form into something that is worth mining and employing in our daily life. As the level of extraction of such fossil fuels increases, there are chances that they will not be available anymore and will vanish. They will form again in the next million years. Hence, the companies that make use of such non-renewable resources and produce many useful options are looking for alternative sources.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the many resources in the world that are not non-renewable. Sun is the biggest star that stays positioned in the centre of the solar system. Its sunrays reach the earth and tapped by the plants to produce their food. Even humans have tried to tap these soar rays in silicon cells and produce electricity. Thus solar energy is more worthy than the than any non-renewable resource because sun energy is available, all the time.

There are many lighting sources that require staying lit the whole night in order to safeguard the neighborhood from thieves and intruders. One of such light sources includes street lighting system. Streets will not be under the jurisdiction of any company or home, and hence they require separate lighting supply. This is taken care of by the government of that particular state.

Street Lights and Solar Lighting System

Since the roads or highways require being lit up from the dusk till dawn, it is understood that the lighting system requires hundreds to thousands of tons of electricity supply. Electricity that is sold by local suppliers will be the extract from non-renewable resources. This makes it more difficult for the government to take care of, since it will not only cost them millions of dollars, but will also end up with the depletion of non-renewable resource.

Solar lighting system is slowly taking over the street lighting supply these days. The main source of the light is solar energy. Solar panels will be installed around the areas, where solar energy service providers work, and the solar energy that is absorbed by the panels will be sent directly to the batteries. The batteries do the work of converting solar energy into DC current and this energy will be employed in lighting up the street lights.

There are many factors that can help you understand why this clean energy source (solar energy) is sweeping off the electricity markets as the best source for lighting commercial parking lot lighting fixtures. Some are listed below.

  • Regardless the location of the lights, you can install them. There is no necessity of finding the nearby electricity lines and casting a line to connect them with the lighting system.
  • It will reduce the consumption of electricity from non-renewable resource. Thus saves the fuel for future generations. The reduction in energy load will automatically reduce the chances of installations of exclusive transformers in the nearby area.

There are many other eco-friendly factors that only solar energy source can provide. For more information, you can visit many websites that exclusively deal with solar energy and their benefits.

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