Choosing The Best Way To Sell Your Car


Are you in the market for a new car? Are you looking to get rid of your old one? We have some sure-fire tips on how to sell your car successfully. Take note, each option you choose will impact the money you get back. Think clearly and choose your options wisely.


The first thing you need to know is the value. Find out the “blue book” price of what your car is worth. Why? You want to sell your car for the right value and price. You don’t want to undervalue the sale price of your car. You also don’t want to make the mistake of selling it for more than it’s worth. Those who are car experts will see right through these two points.

Choosing The Best Way To Sell Your Car


One of the better options you will have is doing it privately. You might just get more money by doing it this way. How much more? Between 10-15% more. This is just a guess though. Say you want to sell your car for $6000. If you did this privately, you would get this amount, maybe more. If you took it to a dealer, you would lose about $500 off the top. Think about it for a second.

If you do sell privately, here is what you will need on you:

–Advertise through the paper, online or social media outlets. Let your friends/family know. They might not be interested; but, they might know someone who is.

–Show the proper credentials for the car. Show that it’s okay to be driven. Show that you are the rightful owner. Most customers are not interested in taking some beat-up, old clunker off your hands; especially, if it’s not capable of operating anymore.

–Deal with all inquiries right away and safely. Have a safe way to get the money. Also, be present when people come to take a look. This is for your protection, more than anything.


If you do want to go this route, you have a few choices. You can do the part-exchange. This is when you trade it in for a new or used car off the lot. Will you making less money on the deal, then you would on a private sale? It depends. In some cases, the answer would be yes.

There is a great benefit to doing this too though. You avoid the trappings of advertising and test drives. You avoid the trappings of people saying there are interested, when they really are not. It’s up to you. This is just a side benefit to doing the part-exchange.

The other options happens to be just selling it outright. The dealership or garage will take it off your hands right away. What they do with it, that is their business. You will get the book value of the car. It will also be based on the condition of the car. Will it be the best price? It all depends on the make, model and year of the car. People have been known to walk away with some heft cash in their pockets. You never know.


Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s right for you. This is your car, take ownership of it. You have to pick the right way to dispose of it. Just take a deep breathe and sleep on it, if you are unsure. By morning, you will know what to do.

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