Changing Educational Setup – Getting Anxious About The University?

When your teen graduates from high school, it sure is a moment to be proud of, with complete delight and pleasure you can say that your teen has finally and successfully cleared high school. With all the extra hard work done in the years of high school, your teen has a reason to be extremely honored, content and excited. They have completed their half of the educational journey and are ready to embark upon a new one based on a few more challenges and encounters. The years of high school were exciting, thrilling and even in some cases thought-provoking too. They made new friends, new associations, did a lot of hard work and one way or the other found a way to handle and tackle those challenges and problems. But now it is time to move on; to a new phase of career development and the initiation of new career plans and future development and progress. That is why some teens enroll and register themselves into a university so that they can mark the beginning and the commencement of their new phase of life. Some of the students are quite enthusiastic and electrified about this new phase, whereas there are some really anxious and nervous about adjusting themselves in the new circumstances and surroundings. It depends on the individual’s nature; some are shy while some are quite confident about new plans and days. But being anxious about getting into university is actually a challenging process. It asks you to be strong and staunch in your approach and demands you to set your emotions aside. A new university going student should be taught about handling fears and tensions by addressing them one by one.

Changing Educational Setup - Getting Anxious About The University?

New Situations

University and high school life are completely opposite to each other. The former one entails a more professional approach and that is why your teen might face issues in adjusting themselves in such scenarios. Moreover, you should talk to them and tell them that anxiety is natural and after a few days this new situation will turn and develop into a normal routine.


Some students entangle themselves in the web of fears of failure. They believe that they would not be able to cope up with the educational standards of the university and they might perform poorly in exams. This sort of fear leads to a more concerned life.

Assistance and Guidance

Your teen will be constantly requiring your attention and guidance at all levels. So, if your teen is seeking help in college assignment, make sure you help and benefit them. Share your experiences, involvements and understandings and make sure that you guide them in the correct path of right morals

Stress and Hassle

The difference of loaded stress in high schools and university is different and changed. The former talks about a more relaxed environment, whereas the latter involves more stress and strains in terms of tests and quizzes. So, make sure your teen is acquainted with that and they know that you are always available as a de-stress pill.

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