Can Extra Curricular Activities Get You Into College?

As the parents of the students of high school, you must be aware of the daily routine of your teen. What does a high school student after coming back home right after the school? Some of them jumps into the bed to take a “power nap” of four to five hours, whereas some wait for the tempting and a scrumptious dinner prepared by their mothers, but is it just limited to this? Or high school students should take on more for their own benefit? Some students fail to realize the importance and significance of co-curricular activities. For them, high school is all about studies, lectures and compiling notes.

But it is a proven fact and a daring truth, that those students who indulge themselves in the extra activities, aside from academics, they do perform better and exceptionally brilliantly. Extra curricular activities make them smarter and teach those values and morals that academic studies cannot teach. For the future term development, some colleges accept and welcome only those students who have aced the field of co-curricular activities. Regardless of the mediocre results and average grades, if you have an exceptional portfolio in terms of co-curricular activities, then you are more likely to get into an honorable and reputable organization.  Even though, it calls for a jam packed schedule, students who expose themselves to such activities are more intelligent and remain more active and sporting for the rest of their lives.

Team Work

The co-curricular activities or the school based sports allow the students to be more united and disciplined. It teaches them the importance of team work, working in pairs and allow them to respect the thoughts and perceptions of their partners and with those how they are working with. This develops a habit of honesty and loyalty as well as imparts the right morals of admiration.

Can Extra Curricular Activities Get You Into College?

Intelligence and Brain Power

It is of no doubt that co-curricular activities do take a lot of time, allowing the student to have little time for themselves, but it has its own advantages too. It makes the students intelligent, more sharp and prompt in conducting decisions. They not only ace the assignment writing, but also take a lead in various sports and athletic activities.

Crime Reduction

As part of some research, it has been proven that students who engage themselves in extracurricular activities are more understanding and avoid the violation of rules. For them, rules and procedures carry more weightage as seen in the process of extra-curricular activities. They avoid mishaps and mistreatment and do not involve in crime or juvenile acts. For them, the usage of drugs and illegal substances is the most moral obligation, they avoid using such materials that create havoc and chaos in the society.

Confidence and Assurance

Extracurricular activities develop more confidence and makes them exposed in various scenarios this is how personality development takes place and through this, they can easily identify their fortes and weaknesses. They can easily filter their strengths and weakness and can work on their negative sides to make them more highlighted.

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