Building Your Own Electric Bike

An electric bike is a bicycle that has a motor attached to it that provides alternative power besides pedaling. The motor is powered by a battery, so basically it runs by electricity. Mostly, the motor on an electric bicycle is quite small so it would be light enough and also won’t interrupt the rider when using the pedals. However, there are also some hybrid bikes that have large motors to provide more power and speed.

Today it’s not too difficult to find electric bikes for sale. When you search for electric bicycles online you will find many of them with various brands and price range. Some of them are quite expensive, but there are also hybrid bicycles that are pretty cheap. However, when it comes to choosing the best electric bike, everyone has their own ideas, some people even prefer to build their own electric bikes using their old regular bikes.

Building Your Own Electric Bike

If you think you are capable enough to build your own motorized bicycle and you have an old bicycle just laying around, then it could be a good option for you. Here is what you need to do to build your own motor bicycle:

  1. Find a regular bicycle that’s still in good condition. Make sure the bicycle has a strong framing, because it will carry your weight and the motor. Another important thing is the bike ideally should have a carrier, so you can use it to put the battery.
  1. Get a battery pack and batteries. A motor for an electronic bike usually requires either 24 volts or 36 volts batteries. Remember that the battery pack should have a charger.
  1. If you can build your own motor then great, but if you can’t do it remember that you need to get a motor specifically built for a motorized bicycle. This motor has a bicycle chain sprocket so it could be installed easily. Buying a motor without a sprocket will give you a lot of troubles because it requires a lot of modifications.
  1. Then you would need a throttle, A 1/aluminum steel plate as well as a single speed bicycle chain.
  1. Connect all those equipment to your bicycle. The throttle and motor should be connected to the controller. The batteries also need to be connected to the controller using wires.
  1. With the batteries connected, turn the throttle and see if the motor is spinning, if it does then it’s ready to be fixed on the bike.
  1. Fix the motor on the triangle frame, remember to align it with the sprocket. Fix the controller to the frame from where the electrical system is running.
  1. Test the motor once again before you fasten the structure.
  1. Attach the throttle to the handle bar and fix the battery pack on the carrier.
  1. Do the final test to see if everything is working perfectly.

Sounds easy enough for you? Then you can start building your electric bike. If not, buying an affordable ready-made electric bike is always a good option.

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