Brisbane and The Gold Bullion

What is gold bullion? Many people get confused between gold bullion, numismatic coins and some even get confused between bullion and jewellery! Gold bullion is basically gold bars that are 99.99% pure gold and gold coins with set values to them. Bullions are considered commodity gold. Given the 5000 year track record gold and its accomplice silver hold in their monetary role, gold n silver are tangible in monetary circumstances. Gold bullion from the United States come in the form of bullion bars such as the ones stored in vaults of Fort Knox, Kentucky. Other countries such as Canada, China and Australia mint gold coins such as Canadian Maple, the Chinese Panda, and the Australian Kangaroo respectively (for further info on bullion and coin prices Google coin collections).

These bullions may be purchased by anyone anywhere without actually seeing or touching the physical gold. One needs to understand that physical possessions of gold bars are not cost effective when shipping, transporting and security costs are factored into the purchase. Unless the gold is to be used for manufacturing purposes, your gold bullion bar is better of sitting in a vault safe and sound with a tag that says it is yours. Due to this very reason people who trade or buy gold have turned their focus towards coins, which are more practical when it comes to shipping and handling. Bullion coins do not have artistic value such as numismatic coins added. Nevertheless people buy gold bullion coins and sell gold bullion coins all the time either physically or virtually over the Internet, however there is nothing like paying a visit to the Brisbane gold brokers and taking on the deal first hand. 

Brisbane and The Gold Bullion

What is the Golden Factor?

The answer to this is simply because governments who faced shortages of money indiscriminately and irresponsibly started printing more money. This made their currencies practically worthless. The wiser governments capitalised on this and drove their currencies towards becoming world reserves mainly the mighty green back (US dollars) and the Euro. However given the current state of economic wilderness that the world is in, gold may be the safest and smartest way to save and be safe. If at all the world goes through a currency revamp the only real money that would remain is gold. A glance at history tells us that the value of gold has been only heading in one direction in value and that is ‘UP”.

This is simply due to the fact of the increasing world population coupled with the fact that gold is scarce will make it the only commodity monetarily worth having. If you are planning to buy gold as an investment, or saving or committing an act of preserving wealth a good place to start would be to look into gold bullion price history over the last 2 decades and match the prices with worldly events. Knowing when to buy or sell gold bullion is a critical SUCCESS FACTOR and ask any of the Brisbane gold brokers and they will swear by their lives that the only way to make any money from this dog eat dog business is to get the timing of the decisions you make to buy or sell ‘spot on’ or risk losing an entire years profit.

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