BLING That Sets You In

Yes girls, now this article is all about accessories that is needed for a complete scene girl look. Just follow these steps to be that perfect scene girl in the town. CAUTION- never ever overdo your accessorise. It just reverses the effect. Keep it simple and minimal and be confident while carrying any accessories .Only your confidence can make you a scene girl in all aspects.

BLING That Sets You In

Here you go:-

  • Get all your vintage stuff out. Ask your mum to give you all her chunky jewellery. Yes, you read it right. The scene today is all vintage. The more you have it, the better it is. Don’t go for any queen’s necklace, simple ones would do.
  • GOLD IS NEVER OLD- wear jewel pieces made up of gold to enhance yourself a little more. Gold jewellery is a must for a scene girl. Gold cannot be replace by diamonds. So better stick with gold only. You can wear small gold ear pins to keep the look minimal. It can be teamed up with any clothing
  • Platinum bands which are also called love bands by many are so in fashion. Get some really cheap platinum bands and wear them on any of your finger. Avoid diamond based band.
  • AVIATORS- These were a very old fashion, but this season this is actually in fashion. Go grab a ray ban aviator and look chick and stylish. Or what you call a perfect scene girl.
  • Big chucky jewel pieces can be worn with your normal clothing every day.
  • Wondering where to wear diamonds? Here they come- go for an oversized diamond earing. Team it up with a bracelet but do not wear any neckpiece. Now it will enhance that blingy diamond earings even more and you will automatically become a scene girl.
  • This one is the last- get yourself tattooed. Yeah, you read it right. Tattoos are really in demand. Bu don’t go for in for skeleton tattoos. Go for sweet little angel tattoos on your back or shoulders or just your initials at the nape of your neck. You can also try out coloured tattoos which are not permanent!
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