Blackberry Venice: Android Smartphone ‘Venice’ and A Dual Edge 2k Display

Blackberry is preparing to launch its first phone running Android, BlackBerry is currently working on two new phones powered by Android. In the lot, Canadian tech giant will launch its first ever Android smartphone, dubbed as Venice. And is tipped to launch on AT&T. @evleaks published on Friday an informal summary of the next Canadian smartphone, which puts on airs of Galaxy S6, with a curved screen and a sliding keyboard. Perhaps a fresh start for the Canadian group?

So far, the BlackBerry has focused primarily on its own platform, but this strategy has not paid off and the Canadian firm wishes to diversify its offering by launching phones powered by Google’s mobile platform. Interesting, but the best is yet to come because it would be preparing two separate terminals, one clearly derived from the Passport. BlackBerry, announced that it planned to deliver its patented security.

Blackberry Venice Android Smartphone ‘Venice’ and A Dual Edge 2k Display

Touch for BlackBerry Venice

If you believe this, then the BlackBerry Venice would pride to the touch with a huge screen covering much of its facade. Bizarre? Sure, but that is precisely what makes the whole point of the thing. With such a design, this phone would have no trouble getting out of the lot.

The new BlackBerry Venice a handset is supposed to feature  a 5.4 inch screen includes a Quad-HD display of 1440 x 2560 pixels. It will be powered by a 1.8GHz hexa-core 64-bit processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 808, and it is supported by 3 GB of RAM and coming to the quality of the camera it is equipped with a primary camera with a sensor of 18 megapixels and a front of 5-megapixel sensor. This smartphone could change both Android and in BB10, BlackBerry OS home.

Its ergonomics, looks pretty conventional and however we can clearly distinguish the presence of two buttons on the right edge of the device buttons that probably allow us to control the volume of the unit. Finally, below, we find both a micro USB port and a headphone jack. Be careful though as this information is to be taken with the most basic prudence. As usual, in fact. In short, on paper, it’s not bad, but I wonder to behold. The Blackberry 10 sliding smartphone, which is expected to run on Android and launch in November.

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