Best Places & Things in “Yangshuo” In China- The Nature Built Tourist Spot

This place is one of the most miraculously formed by the nature in southern China in Guilin. The nature always lifts us in thrill with its natural beauty and amazing greenery landscapes, as someone tried to build it for many years. International geologists and earthly lovers say, there is no human personality in this world can bring the beauties to land except the nature. Nature itself created so many beautiful and stunning breath taking places on the earth. Yangshuo in one the place today we are talking about, yes! The place you will never know to visit many times to see the mesmerizing performance and skillful work done by the nature of these lands. Now many people wants to visit it once in their lifetime, so let’s check about some good things and acts we can do with this natures best place, which is claiming international popularity in a quick pace.

Best Places & Things in "Yangshuo" In China- The Nature Built Tourist Spot

Kayaking & Hiking along in the Rivers

Kayaking is the best mode to see the natural formed beautiful cone shaped mountains spread over the land like a magic. We can find the beautiful Yulong and Li major tributary in this area, which flows through most amazing little mountain forms. The scenery and location along the shores of the river are most beautiful iconic sceneries you will never see in your life again. While going along with the flow in the river you will find the ancient cultured houses, markets and paddies. If you desired to do some swimming here, there are some safe places in the surrounding areas as holes to swim where the current and flow of the river is lesser than other areas. When you go on hiking you will lot of sceneries into your brain, you will find the rice parries and local formers and limestone mountains.

Bike Riding

Yangshuo is best place ride on bikes, in urban areas you will find lot polluted areas while you ride, but here you feel the calmness, freshness and purity in the air. When you ride with your friends in these areas, it will absolutely become unforgettable moments in life. The routes are defined to see the tourist spots and best locations in the area. You can spend less amount of time in different places if you choose the riding and it will more fun with your friends in those green fields along roadsides.


In this small, attracting landscape with admirable natural beauty, visitors can shop in handicrafts side or their western cultured one. People normally start their shopping from west street which is famous for shopping malls here. You will the typical Chinese styled building along the roadsides, many restaurants and hotels.


After reaching the city you can find lots of fun filled with physical and challenging activities. People who visited multiple times in the region will definitely like to take on the riding activity. You will find activates like riding, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, Tai-chi classes and calligraphy classes.

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