Best Low-Cost Promotion Strategies

Starting your own business in not easy, it takes a lot of courage and, let’s face it, plenty of money too. Once you get things going, you face a whole new set of problems; namely how to advertise and get people to notice you. Plenty promotional strategies cost a lot of money, hiring experts, and investing in campaigns can also drain your budget, but there are also low-cost strategies that can make a big difference if used correctly.

Best Low-Cost Promotion Strategies

Website is a must-have

There is virtually no way for a business owner no matter how small or big to succeed unless they have a website or a blog. Your presence on the Internet must be noticed, and if people hear about you they will use Google to find out as much as they can about you. The era of reading newspapers to find out about a business is over, people are looking for precise and clear information, and unless they can find it they will lose interest. What are your working hours, where is your office located, what is your contact email… All these and a few more are necessary if you are hoping to promote your business.

Social networks are useful

To successfully advertise on social media, you have to set up your own page first, and to prepare your social media marketing plan in advance. When advertising on Facebook, keep your tone friendly and casual, and pay special attention to visual layout of your business page. Google+ allows you to create special circles and publish and share content to selected ones instead to all your followers, so you can offer special discounts to your most loyal or potential customers. As for Twitter, try to keep things fun and interesting and mix announcements of discounts and special offers with funny facts and news from around the world which could (but don’t have to) be connected to your industry or related fields.

Give away free things

It may sound insane to you to simply hand out free goods to people, but if you brand the merchandise with your company’s logo, you will have people see your brand name every time they use a cup, umbrella, or a hat you gave them. Custom promotional items such as branded coffee cups, backpacks, or key rings are useful enough to be used every day and yet handy enough to have your brand name and/or logo printed or engraved on it. This means that every time a person is drinking coffee or unlocking their door your company’s name will be on their mind and they will connect it to something pleasant and useful. What is more, if they are happy with your promotional merchandise, they might share it with their family and friends which means that more people will hear about you and your business.

Use videos

Depending on the kind of service your company provides, you can upload a video on your website to demonstrate the quality and usefulness of your products or services. You can make the video yourself or have a professional make it for you; the results will be the same: people will get to see what you have to offer, how you deliver it, and how it looks. For example, if you sell drills, you can post a video about how to make simple bookshelves. In the video you will be using your own products and there you have it: useful information and advice with a chance to advertise.

Be creative and don’t be afraid to try something new, combine old strategies with modern technologies, and how small and simple marketing methods can really make a difference. You will be able to attract customers without breaking the bank, and earn some money while saving on advertising.

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