Bekal – Explore The Spectacular Backwaters, Old Fort and Ancient Temples

Bekal is a small town of Kerala and it falls in the Kasaragod district. This quaint place is a nice destination for a weekend outing. It is situated on the eastern shore of the state. There are several places here to explore. You can even spend a couple of days one of the hotels in Bekal or around. Kasargod is the nearest railway station and it is about 15 km from Bekal. Mangalore airport is about 50 km from the town.

Bekal - Explore The Spectacular Backwaters, Old Fort and Ancient Temples

There are many attractions in Bekal to visit and some of them are as follows:

  1. Bekal Fort – This is a 300 years old fort and a must visit for all. Bekal Fort is one of the most popular forts of Kerala. It has a unique keyhole shape that was designed for a defensive advantage. The fort is spread over 40 acres of area. There are many holes over the top of the fort, below it and underneath. This is an interesting design that elucidates the importance of defense mechanism and strategy. There is a high tower inside the fort complex from where you can view the adjacent areas, such as Pallikere and Kanhangad. There are tunnels, magazines that were used for ammunition, and a water tank among the other attractions at Bekal Fort. There also is a Hanuman Temple. A mosque which was built by Tipu Sultan is still existent.
  2. Bekal Beach – About a kilometer walk from the fort, you reach the Bekal Beach which is also known as Bekal Fort Beach. It is a stretch of 35 acres and offers a splendid view of the waterside. White sands, swaying palm trees, and a spectacular experience of watching the sunset and sunrise make Bekal Beach a coveted spot for visitors.
  3. Backwaters of Valiyaparamba – The state of Kerala is the place for some amazing backwaters. Bekal would not disappoint you in this regard. The backwaters of Valiyaparamba offer a heavenly view for the visitors. About 30 km from Bekal, the Valiyaparamba Island is a great respite from the usual and provides a refreshing experience. It is often deemed the most scenic backwaters site of the entire state. There are four rivers flowing by this place that comprises of several small islands. A boat cruise around here is an amazing experience for anyone. As Valiyaparamba has remained a hinterland, it is also the district’s center for fishing.
  4. Mallikarjuna Temple – About 12 km from Bekal, this religious site is the center of devotion in this region. It is believed that the idol of Lord Shiva situated inside the Mallikarjuna Temple was placed by Arjuna himself. River Kumbala flows by this temple. In 17th century, Ikkeri Kings built this temple to pay homage to the warriors of the time. There are several chambers and well-crafted arches that highlight the features of the temple. The interior too is decorated with the figures of several gods and goddesses. An annual ceremony is celebrated here with a lot of religious gusto.

Besides these, some other prominent places to visit in Bekal include Ananthapura Temple, Nileswaram, Tulur Vanam, etc.

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