Avoid Doing 5 Things After The Meals

Some people feel uncomfortable after having their meals, it’s because of their life style and food habits. Aged people will always say some things which we shouldn’t do after the meals, but we never listen to them and will pay for it. After eating meals the food particles straightly go into the stomach for the processing. This procedure will get disturbed if we do some things which are not supposed to do and we will feel the result. Few people have a big bad of doing at least one thing from one of the following, be sure you won’t do it next time.


Cigars and cigarettes, consuming has been already unhealthy habit, but still people forget about it addition to that they also smoke immediately after their meals. We all know what cigars contain, it contains the very unhealthy parts like nicotine and tar which are very harmful to lungs. Smoking after the meals are more dangerous than the normal smoking; it increases chances of getting the cancer. Lung cancer is caused majorly because of the smoking habits of persons. Smoking a cigar after the meals are equal to 10 cigars.

Avoid Doing 5 Things After The Meals


Few People are very lazy; they sleep immediately after their meals. It stops the food flow into deep intestines, where the food will processed properly. This action results in creating the gaps between the processed foods, the gaps will be filled with air and it produces badgas. Apart from that, the same food also remains in the upper parts of the stomach, which doesn’t go food processing; this will remain until you wake up. The entire food we consume must be digested properly; it is a healthy food processing cycle.


We should avoid bathing immediately after eating the meals! This will change the body temperatures immediately, which results in the effect of temperature change. The blood flow under the skin gets affected immediately with the temperature changes. The blood circulated inside the intestines requires the good amount of energy to process the food, but it will get disturbed by these sudden temperature changes.


Consumption of tea in normal timings will be preferable based on the habits of the people, but drinking tea after the meals in not so recommended. The tea contains the anti-oxidants which will help us to fight with bad particles, but in case of drinking after the tea will result in bad. The tea particles will form a layer inside, which will disturb the digestion process of food. This will sometimes result in heavy gas evaporation from the stomach; the capacity of the digestion will be decreased.


Fruits are very healthy foods for the human begins and it is very well recommended to eat at least any once fruit daily. But after the meals it is not recommended to eat the fruits, fruits are sugar containers which are very simple to digest, but when you eat them after the meals it will go with food particles and stays in the digestion process for longer periods. This will deteriorate the fruit particles which results in stomach bloats with the air. So avoid eating the fruits before the meals and after the meals.

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