Automate Workflows, Cut Costs, And Reduce Workload With Law Firm Software

Law firm software can take a number of different forms. Even software like Outlook and Word can, theoretically, be used to manage many aspects of running a law firm, but doing so typically means a protracted flow of work, some danger of miscommunication and error, and a lack of positive workflow from one department to the next and from one team member to the next. Fully integrated law firm software, or legal firm practice management software, can perform all of the features that your firm needs, including automating many of the tasks, setting reminders, and acting as a central and easily accessible store of data and information.

Time Recording

Whether you bill hourly or per project, it is still important to track how long your fee earners and other team members are spending on different types of project. This can help determine effective pricing models while providing insight into the least and most profitable cases. Time recording can be combined with accounts, results, and other facets of business intelligence to create in-depth and highly actionable business reports.

Automate Workflows, Cut Costs, And Reduce Workload With Law Firm Software

Document Management

As well as offering you the feature to create and provide access to standard documents and templates, law firm software makes it easier to store existing documents, can be used to automatically generate certain types of documents, and it can even be used to create communicative documents like emails and text messages before sending them at certain milestones or at certain anniversaries of events.

Workflow Management

Milestones and anniversaries are typically determined according to the workflow that is involved in a particular process, and this is another area where legal firm software can assist. Not only can you use the software to help you design workflows, but to automate some of the processes to. If you want an email to be sent to a client whenever a particular form is submitted to the courts, for example, then this can be automated so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting or getting it wrong.

Workflows are typically presented in such a way that they are easy to understand and equally as simple to follow, providing options where necessary and contingencies where essential. Good software will allow you to create these workflows without compromising on the overall quality by making them too complex or overly difficult.

Reporting And Tracking

All actions taken by you and your team members using law firm software can be tracked, and the results monitored. Modern software comes with a host of data reporting and analysis features so that you can run extensive reports. Reports can be used for anything from performance monitoring to fee earner calculations and business intelligence.

Data Management

Everything that is created, whether automatically or manually, can be stored through the software, and this means that all data, all documents, and all details including simple notes can be easily accessed whenever needed. Office juniors and temps can be given data entry access only, so that fee earners can be left to fee earning work, and you don’t need to provide access to sensitive data to everybody within the organisation.

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