An Insight To Effective Leadership That Shaped Estee Lauder Company

There are many people who have been inspirational leadership examples to the world. These examples have been found everywhere. In the beauty and cosmetic industry of America, William Lauder is one such figure. He is the man behind the success of one of the most renowned beauty and cosmetic product manufacturers in the world – The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.! William Lauder is the grandson of Mrs. Estee Lauder who began the Company way back in 1946 with four beauty products. She was successful with these products and in a short span of time she went ahead to open her first departmental store in the USA. Since then, there has been no looking back for the Company as it grew popular across the nation.

When William Lauder joined the Company in 1986, he was determined to make it big! This is where he donned the mantle of a successful leader and motivator. William became the President of one of the best selling brands of the Company – Clinique Laboratories. It was under him that products started winning recognition and awards in the USA. The Dramatically Different Moisturizing Skin Lotion and the anti-ageing serum were such two examples of his success with Clinique. Besides this, William Lauder affair with Estee Lauder Company also involved looking after nine specialty brands of the Company.

An Insight To Effective Leadership That Shaped Estee Lauder Company

He went on to oversee the retail operations of the brands and looked after their marketing and distribution channels. He was also actively involved in the creation of Origins in 1990. This brand became a best-selling brand of the Company in no time! Williamwas responsible for the creation of the store within the store concept and he was also in charge of all the freestanding stores of the Company. A man capable of juggling number of things at once, Williamhas truly proved his worth as an asset to the company. William Lauder wanted all the products of the Estee Lauder Company to reach the globe.

This is where he carefully planned the marketing activities and campaigns. He was successful in his ventures as the products of the Company started to transcend barriers and reach the International market. He subsequently resorted to online marketing. Here, he reached out to the customers and kept them engaged. The string William Lauder affair with the company and strategic campaigns made way for new customers to the Company. His business planning skills were great and a source of major inspiration to his team. This is how Estee Lauder Company rapidly grew and established its international presence worldwide!

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