Advantages And Disadvantages Of Timber Windows

Windows and casements are almost like the eyes of your home. When you start to renovate your home, or else, if you are constructing a new home, you can always try out the new wooden windows for both their style and functionality. Apart from the fact that these windows do not rot or get affected by molds and moisture, they can also be painted from time to time. Since these windows are environment-friendly, they last longer without polluting the environment, and they can be used for an outstanding performance.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Timber Windows

Different Types of Windows:

  • There are different types of windows that are naturally used in different purposes. There are some traditional windows like timber windows or eye brow windows.
  • There are also windows like fixed windows, single hung or double glazed windows. These are very common and you will see them almost everywhere.
  • Casement windows, transom windows, clerestory windows are also like this. People traditionally used timber as the basic material for windows;
  • Glass windows originally emerged as part of western culture, originated from Roman culture.

A timber window generally constitutes carbon-neutral elements and they are easily renewable source of natural forest products which can also be used for making your home furniture. If you want to get the most cost-effective way of window installation in your home, then you can try out the timber windows.

Parts of a Window

There are minimum 4 parts in any kind of design of any window. One thing you should check very carefully before fitting any window and that is, whether these four parts can be combined and fixed properly so that your window box gets the desired shape. Naturally timber windows are good for windows since adjustment is possible in every single way at any time. Even if you have fit in the window before and you are having some problems then also you can repair it within no time. There are lots of other advantages also of using timber windows.

Advantage of using Timber Windows:

  • Naturally timber or wooden frames are supposed to have high R-values and hence they are not much affected by temperature unlike metal windows.
  • Any kind of wooden frames are of good quality and they give your room an elegant look.
  • You will not have to worry about moisture accumulation in your room since it has no problem of getting rust due to moisture.
  • You will notice that many times doors and windows get problems with joints. If you use timber windows you can easily solve this problem by putting some beadings on the joint.
  • Addition and removal is very easy in case of wooden frames.
  • The maintenance of wooden frames is very easy. You will simply have to polish it to get back the new look or even if you want to change the design of your window you can simply change the color and you will get a totally different look.
  • Most importantly if you use a good quality timber then you will surely get a good lifetime for any window.


There are some of disadvantages also of using timber as the base material of any window.

  • There are a few insects that affect woods in many cases. Mainly if the wood itself is moist. In that case, you can always consult pest-control companies which provide you with some effective solutions that can be mixed with turpentine oil and applied on the timber window frames. This makes the window invulnerable to any kind of insect, like moths or larva.
  • To avoid the above problem, you can also use a very high quality timber but the cost of a good quality timber is very high.
  • Twisting problems are found if bad quality timber is used. However, you can always use timber windows to maintain the overall quality of your house for years to come.

Hope you like the above mentioned several details to using timber windows. If you want know more advantages then please stay connected here.

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