A Trained Arborist Will Take Care Of All Your Tree Pruning And Removal Needs

Often, people are so obsessed with landscaping, and how their yards and gardens look on the outside (the garden receives all the feedings and preventive sprays as it displays the brilliant color of the area, the green grass, multi-colored flowering shrubs, and plants) but what we sometimes overlook is what’s happening under the ground to the roots systems of the plants.

You might need to hire a professional arborist if your tree’s root growth has begun to infringe upon your neighbour’s property, or if it has just become too tall or is slowly learning towards the nearby power lines or if it is diseased and simply needs to be removed. Any tree that needs to be removed should be seen to by qualified professionals — this process might include a consultation, and will definitely require professional tools and training. If you have a dead or dying tree in your yard, contact the pros to remove it, or alternatively, if you’ve already removed a tree but the stump is still there, these professionals will also take on the necessary task of stump grinding. This is something that you definitely don’t want to take on yourself, as it involves the use of dangerous equipment that could cause injury or even death without proper safety precautions. Even if the work is small, remember that if you are an Edmonton homeowner, it pays to work with a professional tree pruning company.

A Trained Arborist Will Take Care Of All Your Tree Pruning And Removal Needs

Unfortunately, by the time an affected tree shows signs of disease, damage or just old age, it can be too late. Contact an Arborist to save the life of your trees and landscape through preventive care and maintenance — and be sure to let them know the moment you spot anything suspicious happening to your trees.

An arborist is an individual who is trained and certified by the province of Alberta in the health and maintenance of trees and shrubs. To become a certified arborist, a person has studied and is knowledgeable in the art and science of caring for trees and shrubs. They have completed education, extensive training, and comprehensive examinations. You can trust an Arborist with your landscape investment. If you require tree care or stump removal services in Edmonton, remember that the best tree care companies only hire professionally trained and certified arborists, which means you don’t have to worry.

Danger signs you may visually notice when looking at your shrubs and trees could be puddles around the trunk of the trees or shrubs. Sitting water is dangerous to the root system, and an arborist from Chipps Tree Care would know the best way to handle any drainage problem. Dead limbs need to be removed and disposed of, and if a branch died from disease, you definitely need a certified professional to assess the cause and prevent further spread.

Climate changes are forcing home and building owners to review their present landscape needs. Property owners want to keep the landscape that produces oxygen and improve air quality need professional advice from professional arborists to keep their property and planet healthy.

Helping your landscape flourish and maintaining a healthy annual growing period is your responsibility, but a certified arborist from locally owned and operated Chipps Tree Care will help you maintain the beauty and life of your landscape. Secure the health of your landscape before winter arrives — you’ll be glad you did.

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