A Complete Guide About Various Terms And Fabrics Related To Athletic wear

Generally, all athletic wear are designed to regulate the temperature of your body as well as to eliminate odors, during a workout.

There are many kinds of active wears available today in the market. Shopping of athlete outfit has always been as exciting as ever. Fabletics workout clothing reviews provide you references of certain sports wears that are quite efficient and affordable.

A Complete Guide About Various Terms And Fabrics Related To Athletic wear

Apparel Terms and Constructions

  • Flat seam construction – Flatlock machine is used for joining together the fabric in such a way that it creates the least possible amount of bulk. It prevents discomfort and chaffing in sensitive areas of the body.
  • V-notch –V notch is used on the outside border of a long inseam short. It adds mobility, during a workout or training.
  • Mesh inserts – It is a ribbed material, which adds breathability to the cloths.
  • Wide waistband– It is a more appealing waistband construction, which builds a slimming effect thereby provides flattening of the tummy and creates what we called a “muffin top”.
  • Ripstop – A woven fabric that is often made from nylon uses some special reinforcing technique thereby making the fabric resistant to ripping and tearing. It is light in weight and usually durable.
  • Split sides – Here the pants are designed by splitting the clothing in the areas that cause more stretching. Some open spaces are created, which enable full mobility, and gives least restrictions the runner.
  • Wicking – It is the process by which moisture from your skin is transferred to the fabric resulting in quicker drying. It is usually done by fabric weaving or through fabric content.
  • Reflective – These are materials that are capable of reflecting light and it is usually considered as a safety feature for protecting the runner against the low traffic light conditions.
  • Inseam –It is the measurement from crotch to the end of a short or pant. It is very important to give attention to your inseam lengths so that the shorts fit you perfectly. Your legs will look elongated if you wear right inseam.
  • Thermo-regulation –A technology for regulating the temperature of a body by enabling cooling effect in a hot weather and warming effect in cold weather.
  • Rise – Measurement of your crotch to the waist indicating how low or high a bottom may sit.


  • Polyester- Made of synthetic resin and wicks faster as compared to cotton. It is smooth and stretchy.
  • Spandex- Made of polyurethane fabric having a matte finish. Spandex fabric is smooth on skin and stretchy.
  • Polypropylene- It is smooth and is A synthetic resin consisting of propylene polymer.
  • Pique- It is known as Marcella and wicks fast as compare to cotton.
  • Elastane- It is a synthetic fiber often known for its elasticity.
  • Tricot- Unique weave which is made textured on a side and smooth on the other.
  • Silver- A blended polyester fabric with recycled silver.
  • Interlock-It has rib knit construction. Similar to Jersey knit except for the fabric in the front and the back looks identical. It is usually blended with soft feel Lycra.
  • Jersey:It is a knit fabric of cotton or fabric blended with cotton-synthetic. Jersey is light and soft.
  • Cooling- A polyester fabric having cooling properties.
  • Crepe- It has a lightweight property.

Now that you are aware about the various terms, construction and fabric then it is time to go shopping for sports clothes that are stylish and functional.

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