Getting on the mountain for the very first time will no doubt be exhilarating, but it can also be a nerve-racking experience for the unprepared. If you are ready to book your very first trip, then take a look at a few tips that will help you make it a fun, safe, and affordable experience.

Make Your Gear Rental Booking Early

Many people will arrive at their location hoping to rent ski gear only to realize that they could have saved themselves time and money by starting this process weeks or even months before. Many rental companies offer a large discount to those that book online and book early. This will also give you a chance to start looking at some of the gear that you will need and some items you might already have such as goggles and gloves. Once your gear package has been booked online, you can then try your items on at the store as the techs help you find the best fit.


Know What to Buy and What to Rent

As stated previously, many people have at least some of the gear already at home because it makes more sense to purchase certain items than rent them during every trip. Those that are just trying out these snow sports might not have poles and boots, but investing in a nice pair of gloves and goggles will keep you as comfortable as possible and will save you money during following trips. In addition to saving some money and staying comfy, it is also more hygienic to purchase these items than it is to share them with others.

Choosing Between a Demo and Premium Package

Even those that are incredibly fit and athletic will most likely want to start off with a demo package. A demo package will provide a skier or snowboarder with all of the gear that they need to ride comfortably and safely while learning the basics. If you happen to find yourself progressing quickly and would like to try out some different gear, then you can simply upgrade your package and get back on the mountain within moments.

Don’t Forget to Pack Layers

It is incredibly easy to rent a single package that will contain all of the basic gear such as boards, skis, boots, bindings, and your outer layer of clothing. That being said, you will most likely want to bring your own middle and bottom layers of clothes so that you can avoid purchasing a pile of additional gear the very first time that you go out. Most experienced riders wear three layers with the waterproof layer on the outside. Just under that should be an insulation layer that keeps your body warmth in while wicking away sweat. The layer that is closest to your skin should be a comfortable pair of thermal underwear.

Listen to the Staff

The staff at the rental shop is there to ensure that everyone stepping out their doors is as comfortable and safe as possible. When they make suggestions such as renting additional safety gear or changing the size of your bindings, then it is always a good idea to heed those warnings. In the end, a safe and satisfied customer is sure to be back time and time again.

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