7 Ideas To Solve Your First Trip Around The World

Make the backpack to travel around the world may sound very ambitious. But if you want to be, and today the world many only know a tiny portion gives us endless possibilities. Do not miss these 7 ways to put together enough money to do so.

Sharing of Accommodation

This option sounds strange when one says, but it is much better and more feasible than it seems. Many places offer this possibility, from hostels to private homes, museums or social entities.

Work where you stay

A good option is to visit different places and choose one where you stay a while longer to work and raise money to keep traveling.

Teach Languages

Often the travelers goal is to learn language. Therefore, if for example you are traveling across America and you know a little English, you can teach other language. In turn, if they travel to places where they do not speak your language, you can also teach classes for locals.

Go to a country where they speak another language is for many a good opportunity to learn. No one hears constantly, but also the local people help to correct and speak properly.

7 Ideas To Solve Your First Trip Around The World

Work Online

If you’re with a computer and have ease of handling, there are many ways to work online. Sell your photos, write articles or simply digitize your profession. There are many possibilities, you just must find the one that best suits your abilities.

Exploit Your Talents

If you’re strong at handicrafts or art, you can travel the world to show your talent. Buskers, living statues, painters and craftsmen are highly valued anywhere in the world. And if you like what you do people can be very generous.


Reducing costs helps you to prolong the trip. And the slower travel, you will come cheaper transport. Walking or cycling for short distances used. For longer distances, hitchhike (the little word popular among travelers) largely reduces costs.

Previous Savings

One of the most common options when you start to think about making a long journey is to save enough to solve all the way. But eventually, you’re going to have to cut the trip or to use any of the above options.

Those are some of the ideas to travel the world. But we lack the 7, the reason that encompasses all and does not need much explanation … just change the lifestyle. For me, the best option is to mix a bit of everything.

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