7 Confessions Of Travel Lovers

While travel, lovers do not stop repeating how much you can make a trip to our lives and how much they enrich us and help them grow, there are certain aspects that are part of travelling we usually ignore, but deep down, not we like and prefer to avoid.

However, it is difficult to count them, but often escape when we relate stories…

Well, if you’re curious what travellers do enjoy when travelling, here you will know:

Fear of Flying

Many travellers say the planes do not mind, but others feel fear and panic to fly. Most of them tend to take sleeping pills and if they can find alternative transportation, whether a camel, he was elected before an airplane.

Hate to Pack the Bag

Although never complain about this, every time should pack recall the hard work involved and how little enjoy it. Especially in cases of nomadic travellers continuously changing target and having to unpack again and again is a pain.

7 Confessions Of Travel Lovers


For more than refuse to miss your home, there are many times when you wish you were there. More than anything in moments that become complicated and suffer disadvantages such as nowhere to sleep, this is where most want the convenience and comfort of your home.

What am I doing here?

Believe it or not, travellers often feel disoriented when they arrive at a place first. The attacks a feeling of confusion that makes them wonder why they are there. However, in most cases, this way of feeling is fleeting and usually immediately.

Communication Problems

These problems often forget it when they are back. But when they are in locations where they do not share the language, sometimes they have trouble communicating with the local population and find it totally hopeless.

Not All Cultures are Friendly

There are some cultures where tourists are more welcome than others. When not receive properly, your trip can be somewhat affected, mainly in immigration procedures and contract services. But never confess their adventure was not so good for it.

Your Heart Remains in your Country

As much as you adore travelling, there is a reality and it always returning. This undoubtedly means that despite incredible destinations around the world, which keeps most of its identity is yours. And it is why you will never fail detached from this.

Well, you should know that like everything in life, including this activity as pleasurable can have mishaps. But this should not discourage you to travel, on the contrary, it will warn you that you can go through some of these experiences but do not ruin your trip.

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